Priceline Hotel: 3* Orange County (Dana Point - San Clemente) Holiday Inn San Clemente

By Larys,

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Dana Point-San Clemente area:

I notice on your Dana Point-San Clemente hotel list you have 3.5 stars, 3.0 stars and 2.0 stars. When I go to book a hotel in that area, it list's no 3.5's and have added 2.5's. Is there a new hotel list for that area?

The hotel list is kept current, with new reports added immediately when members post.

All sorts of possible reasons for your observations. Just guessing here:

The 3.5* on the list might have been downgraded to a 3*, might be fully booked, or might not currently be participating in Priceline.

The new 2.5 offered for bidding, might have been available all the time but just never reported here by a member. It could have been upgraded from one of the 2.0s on the list, or downgraded from one of the 3.0s on the list. It could be an entirely new hotel, or a hotel that has just started participating in Priceline.

I've a number of times received hotels not yet on the lists. It always is fun to be able to report a new one. And add a new star level. I once managed to add an entirely new city - well, a tiny town in New Mexico, but it was new to the lists.



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The Dana Point-San Clemente zone has been re-zoned (so now there is Dana Ponint-San Juan Capistrano as one zone and San Clemente as a separate zone)... all the 3.5* hotels in the previously combined zone may now be in the new Dana Point-San Juan Capistrano zone (which does offer 3.5* bidding)

I will put this on the to-do list and update the Priceline Hotel List in the next day or two.

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