Daytona or Orlando FL to Phoenix Arizona

By ponei1,

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UCF has just been accepted into its first BCS Fiesta bowl for college football. With the BCS system changing this will probably be the last time they go to a BCS bowl for a long long time.

As a college student money is tight. I am trying to find an airline ticket from Daytona Beach or Orlando (it said "better deals" next to Orlando on the choose your airport option) to Phoenix Arizona. I have never used priceline choose your price tool. I read the rules and if the bid is accepted what the consequences are. I could care less about time of when I get there or get back as long as I am there on 12/30 and home by 1/2.

Tickets are going for around 600-700 dollars. I was wondering:

1.) What a reasonable bid would be?

2.) Should you lowball the offer at first?

3.) If they decline the bid what happens?

4.) If you can only bid once are you able to change your credit card info to bid again?

5.) Does "better deals" mean they would be willing to accept a lower offer for this airport?

6.) Does the bid get accepted right away?

This is a big question. I do not want to place a bid now and be waiting a week to find out if they will accept it or not. If I must I am willing to spend the money for my team and pick up additional work over Christmas break.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated as I would be able to spread the info to the UCF nation because many people are in my same situation.

Thank You

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Welcome to BetterBidding!

Please start by reading your messages and clicking each of these PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links... then reply to this thread and we'll have a look at your post above.

Please use the PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links on the board to begin your travel purchases.

Please use this HOTWIRE and these PRICELINE LINKS: HOTELS, CAR RENTALS, and AIRFARE to begin your travel purchases

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When bidding on airfare you have an almost unlimited number of re-bid opportunities (the ability to bid again inside of the 24 hour lock-out period) by following the method discussed here: Priceline Airfare Re-Bidding

Therefore, you can start at a bid of ~$400 or so and increase in increments of $5-$25 each bidding opportunity, larger increments at the lower bid amounts when your chances of success are lower... and smaller increments at the larger bid amounts as your chances of success increase.

HOWEVER, i will add that capacity within the airline industry has been reduced over the last few years and there are fewer and fewer empty seats available on most flights, so very deep discounts in airfare have been far and few between (although it has improved slightly lately)... but it's worth a shot.

You'll know in about 15 seconds if your bid price is accepted or not, if it is your credit card is charged right away and you're given the flight information. Also, keep in mind that you won't know the flight times until after your purchase is confirmed, so at the very least you'll need to arrive a day before the game and depart a day after the game (or you risk a flight that gets you into Phoenix after the game begins or departs before the game is completed)

Any questions on the above feel free to ask.

Thanks for using the PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links on the board. (and please ask your UCF friends/fans to do the same)

Good luck and let us know how it goes.

Please use this HOTWIRE and these PRICELINE LINKS: HOTELS, CAR RENTALS, and AIRFARE to begin your travel purchases

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