Rebidding after a counter offer

By Roadguy,

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Ive never really developed a good strategy for airfare rebids. Looking over the tips, I guess I can rebid for airfare by starting all over again and entering a city or minor airport in the area? Is that right? I have been counteroffered without a screen to rebid, so do I just start all over again?

Thank You

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I tried several times to bid for airfare for several different flights, and on a few occasions(like the first) I was countered WITHOUT an invitation to rebid. When I subsequently reentered to bid and was rejected I was NOT given another opportunity to accept the earlier counter offer. I was even rebid the counter a10 min later and was denied

On a positive note

I once booked with the Priceline LISTED airfare for a flight and that afternoon that flight dropped by $100. Priceline gave me the LOWER price

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Sometimes it pays to open a new browser and continue your bidding, then if that bidding fails, you can go back to the original browser and accept the counter-offer. The counter-offer page is time sensitive in the sense that you can't keep it open for days (or even hours) and then go back and use it... but if you open the new browser and try some more bids in a 'timely' manner and are rejected, you can go back to the still open browser with the counter-offer.

Hope you're able to follow that and it's clear.

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