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By lcmast,

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I would like to know what the possibilities are for bidding for a 4* hotel in Newport, Rhode Island for July 27-29. According to the list that is posted on this website, the only hotel that shows up is the Hotel Viking. My biggest concern is that I want to be in the Newport-Newport Beach area but not on Goat Island. Are there 4* hotels on Goat Island? I know that Hyatt is there but that seems to be a 3.5* hotel. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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The Priceline Hotel Lists only contain hotels that have been reported to the board, there could always be properties that have not yet been reported.

With the above noted, i do not know of any 4* rated hotels in the Goat Island part of this zone and you could be the first to report a new 4* hotel in this part of the zone.

If you need a specific location within the zone and are unable to take any location risk, i'd suggest our sister site MAPS and HOTELS.com which makes it easy to see rates at each star rating in the area and get a visual idea of how much more/less it would cost to stay closer/further from your ideal location and/or to go up or/down in star rating.

Let us know whatever you decide to do for this stay or if we can be of further help.

Please use this HOTWIRE and these PRICELINE LINKS: HOTELS, CAR RENTALS, and AIRFARE to begin your travel purchases

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The Hyatt is currently a 3.5* on the retail side of PRICELINE. The star rating is consistent between that and the bidding side. When there has been the rare exception, it has been grounds for getting Priceline to cancel a bid deal. Assuming you only bid 4*, you should be safe.


Disclaimer - I'm a member, not anybody official on this board.

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