Hotwire Hotel: Help with this 3 1/2 star hotel WDW

By Jessie,

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hi Jessie. yeah, i've seen that one show up before. i have no idea what it could possibly be.

it seems so sketchy. how can any 3.5* hotel have only a restaurant?

no pool, no fitness center, etc. what kind of 3.5* is that? :)

sorry i can't help w/ this one. but i really doubt we'll ever figure it out since who the heck would possibly want to actually purchase it? way too sketchy. :)

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It's possible that this hotel is trying to protect its opacity and therefore requested that the only amenity shown be a restaurant (which i think it stupid on their part, maybe you'd like to protect some opacity and not show certain uncommon amenities, but in Florida i think it would be safe to also show a pool and a few others amenities if they're actually offered at the property).

On the other hand, this hotel could be over-rated and indeed only offer a restaurant.

Like DBNYC says, it's somewhat sketchy, which is why i think it's stupid if this property is holding back their amementies.... who would pick this hotel unless it was the only one available? If they are indeed holding back amenities, they should re-evaluate their business strategy and determine if they want to participate in Hotwire ('normally') or not participate at all.

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I actually emailed hotwire and asked if some of the ammenities were overlooked and that in my research I couldn't find a 3 1/2 star (or 3 star) that didn't have a pool. They wrote back and said that it wasn't overlooked at that the ammenities stated are the only ones for that hotel. I will be staying clear of it though.

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