Airfare Bidding to Ireland

By katiekennedy8,

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So I'm trying to bid on airfare for two from New England (preferably BOS or PWM) to Dublin (preferably-other Ireland airports are possibles but we'd rather not have a rental car for this trip.)

I started with PWM because it's the smaller, less popular airport so I figured it would be easier. I started at 50% off (I know low-ball but I thought why not!) I haven't tried too many other times because after about 40% off I just tried Bos. But with BOS I kept getting rejected too. Even at about 65% of the normal price. Should I keep trying or do some flights just NOT get these offers/bids? We're leaving in about 6 weeks so maybe we've just waited too long, or need to wait another week or so to get a more time-crunched airline?!

Any tips would be REALLY appreciated! I'll post more numbers and bids after I mess around on priceline a little more.

Thanks so much!

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So I've tried several more bids tonight. PWM->DUB is pretty much impossible at the 50-30% off mark. I've tried almost every price in there in $25 increments. Even with BOS->DUB I just tried up to $678 (the current price Priceline gives me is $968) so this is 30% off. I know even 10% off is a good deal right now and I'll take it! But I'm not sure if I should even keep trying? I've never done priceline before so I'm definitely looking for guidance from people who have successfully done this before.

Something else to mention is that we can get a hotwire deal for $2,050 hotel + flight (from Boston, not ideal but it's doable still) in a decent Dublin airport area hotel. Since that's an insane deal we have to bid on Priceline accordingly too. So we wouldn't want any flights more than about $850 per ticket from BOS. Because we'd be doing a priceline or hotwire deal for hotels in addition to that (unless we find a great Air BnB deal, but so far those have not shown up for us for the time we'll be there.)

Thanks so much everyone!

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