Priceline Hotel: 4* downtown Seattle - Hotel Vintage Park

By Phaelon56,

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Advance research on Travelocity, Expedia and Hotels.com shows 3* properties running $79-$119 and 4* about $120-$200 for these dates. Hyatt Elliott Grand (stayed here on a $40 PL bid last August and it was fabulous!) was my reference point and it was $260 direct and $192 through discounter. Hotwire has been unable to connect to hotel pricing servers this AM so their prices were not available. I set a personal limit of $60-$65 per night and started bidding at $40 for downtown. We have flexibility in where we can stay and knowing I could start again in 72 hours, did not want to overpay. I planned to start with $5 increments and drop to $2 increments at the $60 mark if now bid was awarded before then. rates at some properties were significantly lower for the weekend nights (e.g. Hyatt) but I had no desire to break up the stay - we prefer not to change hotels on such a short trip.

Bid 1 - $40 for downtown.

Free rebids 2 -4 - added $5 and one zone each time

Free rebid 5 - success at $60!

Very happy with this - it seems to be about as a good a prIce as people are getting on a 4* for this time frame and I much prefer this type of property to a Sheraton (most of the 4* downtown awards of late appear to be for the Sheraton Towers). This is a Klimpton Group boutique hotel - I have stayed in their Hotel Triton property in San Franciso before and it was wonderful - very intimate and a real first class operation.

Your Offer Price: $60.00

Number of Rooms: 1

Number of Nights: 4

Subtotal: $240.00

Taxes: $37.44

Processing Fee: $5.95

Total Charges: $283.39


Owen O'Neill

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