New Bidder! MFE to LHR

By SJayne,

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What are your dates?

Also, if you are wandering about Great Britain, landing in Manchester instead of London can be a less expensive flight, and it is a whole lot easier airport to manage. On the other hand, if you are just doing London, LHR is still the better choice.


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In addition to your dates, how much of a discount would you need in order to make locking in an opaque purchase (where you can't choose the fight times, airline, layover city, length of layover, etc) worthwhile?

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Thank you Romelle. I am planning on flying out of McAllen, Texas on July and returning on July 12th. I hadn't thought of Manchester before. I had been checking at Gatwick, but Manchester may be something to look into. I am staying with friends in Little Paxton while I am there, so any wandering I do will be with them. And about the opaque flights...I was hoping to get at least a price of around 950 for the ticket...or is that being too courageous? I had also wondered, because we cannot choose our connecting flights...they would not have us connecting through any place that is dangerous, would they? Someplace hostile to Americans? Not trying to be ethnocentric here, just curious.


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I'm a member, not anybody official. I'll let thereuare and the others deal with your actual bidding expectations and such.

Manchester doesn't have some taxes the London airports have, so that is why it can be less expensive. I think the taxes are departure taxes, but not totally sure.

The airlines are all major airlines, and the flights reasonably direct. You are odds on to just do the connection in DFW or IAH if you fly into London, since there are many direct flights from there. If you fly into Manchester, you probably will have a second connection but it still will be some place ordinary like Chicago or Frankfurt.


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When bidding on airfare you have an almost unlimited number of re-bids. See this Priceline Airfare RE-Bidding thread (especially the second post) regarding how to bid on airfare... you could then start at about half price (~$650) then start bidding and increase your bids by $25 early on and then in lower increments as you get closer and closer to your maximum bid.

Any questions feel free to ask.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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