Hotwire Hotel: 2.5* Cleveland (Downtown) Hampton Inn

By joealx,

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Total was $100 and change.

I'm in Thailand. I'm bidding early because planning is important to me.

See my post for the SAME nights on the Priceline board.

This was almost a "sure thing" after I read reviews at Trip Advisor.

Hotwire has been using 2 prices for this hotel lately,$41 and $52 . I played with the browser until $41 came up

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While the Comfort Inn may look like this property, i don't think that can be determined by the post you are refering to. That user didn't state the amenities that were shown before their purchase and only stated that s/he thought the hotel would be the Hampton Inn... but doesn't say why they believed it to be the Hampton Inn. The Hampton Inn may have an entirely different set of amenities (and star rating for that matter) as there is no evidence that the user even knows about BetterBidding (good time to remind people to help spread the word that we are here :) ) or the amenities that were associated with the Comfort Inn.

Even on this site we have users post "i thought it was going to be XYZ" and when we look at the amenities listed on the hotel they did win they don't match the hotel they thought it would be (sometimes it's a "close" match... sometimes it's not even close at all).

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Hi Thereuare,

I'm confused. This didn't have anything to do with Better Bidding, although the person could have seen my bid. This had to do with Trip Advisor. The person noted a 2.5* award for Comfort Inn Downtown. There are numerous posts on Hampton Inn Downtown with Hotwire awards on the Cleveland hotel reviews forum.

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It sounded as if you were suggesting (based upon the TA comments) that users could be think they're going to be receiving the Hampton Inn (based upon the amenties and star rating) when in fact they may receive the Comfort Inn.

While the above is certainly possible, there is no indication that the amenities shown for both properties are the same. If the TA user posted "i bought a 2.5* with Breakfast and Fitness icons" then it could be confirmed that both of these properties look alike before purchase and there would be an equal likelihood of getting the Hampton Inn or the Comfrot Inn, but at this point we don't really have any idea what the amenities associated with the Comfort Inn are. If the Comfort Inn amenities are indeed different than those of the Hampton Inn, than there shouldn't be any 'confusion' between the two properties.

Then again, maybe i misinterpretted your previous post.

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