Priceline Hotel: 4* New Orleans (Convention Center) Sheraton

By slruud,

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Booked a cancelable reservation at Renaissance Pere Marquette for above dates for $109. Will do al little cherry picking between now and then.

Hoping for FQ, but will accept something in CBD or CC.

Current rates: Marriott $164.....Pere Marquette $109...Sheraton no availability...JW Marriott $174.

Bid this AM starting at $60 up to $80 with FQ and CC and assorted free rebids.

Will update from time to time.


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May change to the following weekend...12/16-12/18. Rates for JW Marriott at $129...Sheraton at $99...Renaissance Pere Marquette $109. My wife would just as soon book the JW Marriott at $129, but will probably rebook cancellable reservation at Sheraton, and try to get Priceline 4* for $50 to $70.


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Bid for 12/16-12/18 4* FQ @ $57 rejected.

Added CC @ $58 rejected,

Added West Bank @ $59 rejected,

Added Airport @ $60 rejected,

Added NO East @ $65 rejected.

Have lots of time, so will try once a week for a while. Didn't book Sheraton as cancelable as the way I read the terms for the Internet rate, cancellation forfeits one nights fare.

Will still try both weekends in the future, hopefully til success.


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Again bid for 12/16-12/18 starting with FQ, CC, and CBD. Added rebids up to $61...all rejected.

Rates for Sheraton $99...Hilton $99/94...Marriott $119...JW Marriott $159....Fairmont $99.

Lots of time...does anyone think it reasonable to get something for under $60???


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Started new bid for 12/16-12/18

Started with CC, bid $60....came back with $17 counteroffer

Added FQ, bid $65...rejected,

Added free rebids up to $69...rejected,

Added another zone and bid $70...accepted...Sheraton.

Probably could have waited and gotten a little cheaper, but pleased.

Will just walk into lobby of JW Marriott and pretend I'm staying there.

Pat O'briens....Petunias...Cafe du Monde....

Total with tax and fees...$170.65.

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