Hotwire Hotel: 2* Green Bay (Appleton) Extended StayAmerica Fox

By bradrob,

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Purchased Saturday, 08/06/2005 through Hotwire.

*** Expedia ***

ESA Appleton-Fox Cities: Rate $59.99 ($59.99, $64.99, $69.99, $74.99, $79.99)

*** Priceline ***

Tried Priceline first. Bid up to $30 and down to 2* in both Appleton & Neenah, but rejected.

Claimed following:

Median retail price for a ...

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  • 2 weeks later...

Phew...I'm glad - didn't want to get booted on my first shot. :)

Well, the weekend was great (except that it was too short.) The stay was fine (for the few hours I was there each day - basically sleeping only.) :D The two staff members I met at the front desk were friendly and helpful - explaining everything necessary.

The queen, non-smoking room I received on the first floor seemed fine, but left a slight odor of something in my suitcase, etc., which I only really noticed when I got home. It wasn't that bad though.

On their sign outside, they had a "Highspeed Internet" banner, which was not listed as an amenity. I did not see a port either so I inquired about it and they told me, as I figured, that it was wireless. I was told by the staff that the cost is $3.99 per stay, which I found interesting and respectable if it really does help keep the cost lower for those who don't need it, because most other hotels offer it:

  • "Free" (which probably really means "We've added it to your room charge for you already; no need to pay us more.")
  • $$ per day (often something like $9.99)
  • $$ per use (whatever that might mean - each connection?? Maybe per minute or hour?)

Then again..."Extended Stay" would make sense to be different.

However I did not use it so I cannot attest to its availability/quality/speed.

I would stay there again if I were to go back to the area.

I hope this helps someone.

I know I'll be back to this board for my future travels. :)

(As long as these gas prices don't keep going up! :) These days we really need the savings on the hotels to make up for them to keep the total cost of our trips down. Maybe the large hotel chains need to join in the fight against increasing gas prices to encourage continued travel...just a thought.)

Happy hotel hunting...and promote BetterBidding! :o

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