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  1. Well, actually I only sort of was... I mean, I was looking for my own place, but since he had asked and I was looking for the exact same night, July 23rd, ... I figured I'd post my findings (though he asked another question... and no response since, so maybe he found what he was looking for long ago, unlike myself as I had pretty much just started a day or two ago now,) and respond to... since I KNOW an event is going on there for the day/night being commented on.But, if that was inappropriate and I should have started a new topic (or just kept my mouth shut, er... fingers from typing,) I apo
  2. Now: 2.5* - $53 - Comp. Breakfast, Internet The $89 price is no longer listed. Also, the Crowne Plaza amenities seem to match up very closely with the Hilton Springfield. Any way to tell the difference or if it actually even appears in Hotwire?
  3. I see HOTWIRE showing: Springfield area Hotel 2* - $49 - Comp. Breakfast, Laundry, Internet, Golf 3* - $65 - Airport Shuttle, Fitness Center, Pool, Restaurant, Business Center, Internet 2.5* - $89 - Comp. Breakfast, Internet 3.5* - $99 - Comp. Breakfast, Fitness Center, Business Center, Laundry, Internet, Golf, Tennis It's interesting that the 3* is only $16 more than the 2* but the 2.5* is another $24 higher. Looks like they're all over the board. From the Hotwire Hotel List - Illinois I see: Springfield 3* Crowne Plaza Amenities: Shuttle, Restaurant, Pool, Fitness, Hi-Speed Internet, Busines
  4. I found an Extended Stay a few years ago with 2 Amenities listed: Kitchenette, Laundry Facilities (self-service). Also, when I inquired about internet access when I got there, I was told by the staff that the cost is $3.99 per stay, not per day, though that could have changed (many times over) by now.
  5. Phew...I'm glad - didn't want to get booted on my first shot. :) Well, the weekend was great (except that it was too short.) The stay was fine (for the few hours I was there each day - basically sleeping only.) :D The two staff members I met at the front desk were friendly and helpful - explaining everything necessary. The queen, non-smoking room I received on the first floor seemed fine, but left a slight odor of something in my suitcase, etc., which I only really noticed when I got home. It wasn't that bad though. On their sign outside, they had a "Highspeed Internet" banner, which was
  6. Purchased Saturday, 08/06/2005 through Hotwire. *** Expedia *** ESA Appleton-Fox Cities: Rate $59.99 ($59.99, $64.99, $69.99, $74.99, $79.99) *** Priceline *** Tried Priceline first. Bid up to $30 and down to 2* in both Appleton & Neenah, but rejected. Claimed following: Median retail price for a ...
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