Hotwire Hotel: 3*Miami Beach

By Giskard,

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This hotel matches the description of the Casablanca on the Ocean.

I did a quick search and the reviews don't seem very good (i'd call it 4 negative, 1 neutral, 1 positive). Then again, for $41 and one nite, maybe it'll suit your needs... you'll have to decide that for yourself. (but my advice would be to look elsewhere).

What time do you plan on getting into Miami? Are you looking to go out an 'hit the town' that nite or are you looking to relax and maybe just go out for a nice dinner beforehand? I ask because i may have some comments on zone selection depending upon your answer.

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The appeal of Downtown is that it's close to the cruise pier and provides a good place for inexpensive lodging the nite before a cruise. The other advantage is that there really are no 3* 'duds' in the group so it's a relatively safe zone to bid on Priceline... but you're right, if you're looking for 'nite life' it's not where you want to be (unless nite life is going out for dinner at Bayside Marketplace).

Maybe you should read the comments about the Casablanca at Travelocity and TripAdvisor and decide for yourself. Given the price and the fact that it indicates it is on the beach, it may serve your purpose... even more so if you're the type that just wants a room to sleep in and you really don't have any other contact with hotel staff except at check-in. (i just described myself, as i usually check-in and then i'm never heard from again). Also, would it ruin your whole vacation if your hotel the nite before the cruise was bad, or would you look back at it and laugh with the other couple for the rest of the cruise?

Since you want to be on the beach, i don't think Priceline is a viable option. Other choice would be to go up in price. I saw a 2.5* in South Beach for $66 (which has Beach Access, NOT Beachfront) and a 4* for $87 in North Beach/Aventura (but this may be getting a bit far from the cruise ship).

I'd check the address of the Casablanca and see what there is in the surrounding area. It's a condominium/hotel, which may be why some people have negative reviews, as it probably doesn't offer all the features of a full-service hotel.

Feel free to ask any additional question and, of course, let us know what you decide and how it turns out. If you find the information here helpful, please start your Priceline/Hotwire purchases at SavingsBarn.com

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