CVG Cincinnati Compact Hertz

By valencia,

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I started at $9 plus $6 bonus cash/day at mid size but was rejected. I maintained the bid but dropped to compact size and was accepted by Hertz. Perhaps I could have saved a bit bidding lower or another day but just wanted to get it done!!

I used your PRICELINE link here to access my account and use my bonus cash in my rewards from there.

I had never used bonus cash til this trip. Maybe I have never looked. It was a welcome gift both rentals!

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I was VERY disappointed with the miniature, metallic sounding car we were given. I cannot recall the name/model right now, ( but will try to post it soon) but we ended up paying $5 a day to upgrade as I was shocked at how small this Hertz compact was. We ended up with a Malibu.. so.. in this case I could have just been more generous with my first bid for the mid-size to start out with.

I have to admit, years ago even when you ordered a small car you were almost always upgraded. Not so anymore.

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Actually, looking at a car list, there should have been a compact car that was much larger on the inside than what we were given, without having to upgrade. it seems it is an easy way to get someone to upgrade.. give him the lower end of your compact fleet.Next time before upgrading I will ask to see other compact cars they have available as I am fairly certain others would have been acceptable.

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Sorry you needed to upgrade at the counter... i think 'economy' cars are getting smaller and smaller direct from the manufacturers, based upon consumer demand for more fuel efficient vehicles.

I don't know why I have the feeling that I was given the smallest car since I had such a good priceline deal.. so that I would be more tempted to upgrade.

I will definitely next time ask to see all the compacts before I accept the one they try to give me.

It was no where near the size of a ford focus, for example., which I would have happily taken.

Or maybe they have "priceline" compacts and full price compacts. Anyway, an experience I wasn't expecting from Hertz who , for some reason, I assumed would have a better line of cars .

I will be more generous on my mid-size bids if I don't have the time or desire to play around with bidding next time!

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