Priceline Hotel: 2* Cincinnati (North-Sharonville) ExtendedStay Am

By kuby71,

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i was going to King's Island, i thought we'd go through priceline. needed a hotel 2 rooms for 3 nights (7-27 / 7-29).

i started the bidding for king's island and blue ash area. went up to $45.00 for a 2* hotel. got rejected.

i needed 2 rooms. my family of 4 and for a friend (his family of 4).

i tried it again but this time i added the sharonville area. 2* $40.00

i won a hotel called "Extended Stay America-Springdale-south" it is in the Sharonville area. 2* $40.00

i called the hotel to confirm everything was ok. well, it wasn't. their normal rooms legally can only accomadate 2 adults. so we were in trouble. they upgraded us to the suite. that consisted of a queen bed and pull out couch. this was an extra $10.00 per night per room.

well, we got there and checked in. the clerk informed us the 2 rooms were just shampooed and the hallway was as well. we walked in from outside and almost fell over. the hallway smelled like they shampooed with dirty muddy water and a wet dog (yes, this hotel allows pets). Opened the doors to the rooms and it wasn't any better. so there we were standing on wet carpet that stunk!

went back to the front desk to get different rooms. they didn't have any more rooms that would accomadate 4 people to a room. after much complaining they waived the $10.00 upgrade and said they couldn't do anything because we went through priceline!

we ended up staying there for 3 nights and no the smell never went away and the carpets never dried. even after 2 cans of air freshner and Lysal.

my questions are why does priceline use this hotel?

is there anything i can do through priceline? complain money back?



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Welcome to BetterBidding!

I'm sorry to hear you had a poor stay.

I think this is a sticky situaiton and that priceline line it not at fault at all, but the hotel is only partially at fault.

The problem stems from the fact that you tried to use priceline for quad occupancy when they only guarantee double occupancy. Obviously not set up to accomodate more than double occupancy, but they tried to accomodate you. The only reason why they are at any fault is that they agreed to upgrade you to a room that could accomodate 4 people and then didn't coordinate having that room available.

There are likely only a handful of room that can hold quad occupancy at this property and that is why it was difficult to move you to another room.. there likely would not have been any problems if you were two rooms with double occupancy.

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