Airfare + car rental bidding Q

By evbo,

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Newbie confusion - please help! If there is info already posted about this, my searches did not locate it & I apologize in advance.

I am considering PL bidding (also looking at Hotwire's offerings) for 3 adult round trip airfares (all of us traveling together) from PHL to SEA in late August 2012.

We will need one rental car from SEA for the ~10 day trip.

(No hotel is needed)

My question - If I elect to bid for 3 airfares + car rental, will PL automatically assume that I am only bidding for one car (and NOT 3 cars, to equal the # of travelers)? Or would I bid for one airfare with rental car and then bid again separately for the 2 additional airfares we need? Ideally, the three of us would like to be on the same flight.....

Also, does anyone have relevant experience/advice about this scenario in terms of whether the car rental bid should ever be bundled with an airfare bid OR whether the car rental should be bid on separately, apart from airfare, to result in the lowest cost?

Thanks for any help!

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:blink: Maybe I began hallucinating when I was researching airfare vendors: it was late and I had been on many websites...the nonrefundable natures of PL & HW opaque fares frighten me -- as does the general cost of airfares these days!

Anyway, I cannot reconstruct what I thought I saw, so please let me apologize and let's close this.

Lesson learned - when I restart my search in earnest, I will take the necessary notes to be able to ask a coherent Q. I will be using the PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links on BB's website.

Thanks for trying to help me!

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I have been asked to "close" this thread despite indicating last year that I accepted the answers provided to my question. As it turns out, there was no bidding history, etc. to share. We traveled there another way. Once again, thanks for the help!

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