Priceline Hotel: 2* Cincinnati (Downtown - Riverfront) The Terrace

By Tommymac,

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Looking for help on a winning bid for Downtown Cincinnati for one night/2 people 8/4 to 8/5. Prefer a 3* due to price - would like to keep it under $50 + taxes, but will go up to $65/68 for 4* as a last resort.

Tried to bid for a 4 star starting at $45 - went up to $65 - no takers. Used 3 bids. I then closed the browser window, started again for a 3 * Downtown at $35. No luck. 3 more bids - 38, 40 and 45 - no luck. Cannot add anymore zones as there were only 3 zones with 2.5* or less. I cannot go back now and bid for the 4 star without the 3 star and different zones without waiting 3 days, or can I?

I have seen several winning bids here - none more than $43 - what did I do wrong? Now I have to wait 3 days. Date cannot change - have tickets to a game that night; and we really want to stay downtown as we have never been to Cincy before and probably won't be there again for a long time. Any suggestions for another area that is close and convenient to downtown and has a reliable cab service available - the game will be over late - we don't really want to deal with traffic to drive in - would be welcome.

Hotwire has these two available - Downtown Riverfront - Selected amenities include: Complimentary Breakfast, Fitness Center, High-Speed Internet Access, Tennis Nearby, Business Center. 2.5* @ 45. (This seems to be the Terrace - not good reviews.)

Downtown Riverfront Selected amenities include: Restaurant(s), Pool(s), Fitness Center, Laundry Facilities (self-service). 2* @ $66. Seems high for the star rating - cannot identify.

Thanks for any help.

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Rates for your dates are somewhat higher than usual and therefore will likely require a higher bid than usual.

If there is no viable alternate zone, i would suggest using your $65 maximum for a 3* propeerty (working your way up of course); but it's obvious that at this time the higher than usual rates are forcing a higher than usual bid to be accepted. Seems to silly to look at a 2* on Hotwire for $66 when you're not willing to bid as much for a 3* on Priceline.

If you choose to go the 3* route and need a more specifc bidding strategy let us know.

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I agree --- the 2* is out of line IMHO.

What type hotels are usually in 2* class - would that be Holiday Inns, Days Inns and such? Or would a Hampton Inn or Extended stay be a better example? Our needs are simple - we would like to stay at the better hotels - but for one night we can be flexible. We will not be arriving until mid-afternoon; we had hoped not to have to waste time commuting in to see the game; wanted to spend a few hours seeing downtown Cincy, eating dinner at a nice restaurant near the park, etc. It is more important to my wife to stay in the downtown area and be able to walk to the ballpark ... she enjoys that.

I would take a 2* in the downtown area - if I could get it under $45 - do you think that is reasonable? Is there a good strategy for that? 2 questions on that - no 2* are listed here for the downtown Cincy zone - but Priceline says there are 2* there - at least they have the option listed. Looks more difficult as most zones in Cincy have 2* so rebidding would be harder.

Also, I would welcome 3* strategies...any suggestions would be welcome. $65 is pretty much the top side of the room budget we set for this part of the trip ...would like to save as much as possible.

Sorry for the wordy post - have a lot of questions as we are new to this.

Thanks for your reply, this is a great site - and of coarse I am using the recommended savingsbarn link for doing this!. :)

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When you re-bid you're not just looking for zones that don't have the star rating your bidding... but rather, only have star ratings lower than the one you're bidding.

In other words, if you're bidding for 2* and another area does not offer 2* bidding but does have 2.5* bidding, that zone is not a re-bid zone since you could always be upgraded to the higher level hotel (remember that the star rating you select is the minimum that you are willing to accept).

It's not really clear to me from your post how you want to proceed.... for 3* or 2*?

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I guess we are looking for a cheapest price strategy - stars not really an issue, (except I want to get the most bang for my buck. :) )

I guess we got caught by the unusually high prices for this week - when I researched it for planning our trips' budget last week it seemed that we should have been able to get a 3* room for around $40 as most "PL hint type" web sites I found had indicated that price range. (I like this one the best, btw.) I know $25 does not seem like much to bid up to get above $65 to get a 3* or 4* - but I am stubborn and would rather have that $25 to spend on a nice meal.

The star rating is not as important as the price - it will only be a one night stay. Convenience to the ball field downtown is paramount; a short walk or short cab ride away. Holiday Inns, Days Inns type hotels would work as long as they were fairly clean - we will not be spending much time at the hotel; mainly just to rest.

I just don't know where to start the bidding in the case of 2*, and I don't see how a rebid strategy works as all zones have 2* properties. Maybe 2.5* would be better as there are 2 zones without 2.5* properties, none without 2* properties.

So to be clear:

- I am asking for a Best price strategy starting at 2.5* (Reason: Past results; I have exhausted my 3* attempts; can still do 4 rebids for 4* over $65 )

-Bid limit $45 (Reason: Hotwire has a 2.5 star for this rate - but as the reviews on the probable property(The Terrace) seem shaky it will be our choice of last resort only if we cannot find something cheaper on PL.)

-Date 8/4 -8/5: is not flexible.

-Zone Downtown Riverfront: not flexible

-Stars: ARE flexible; possibly all the way down to one if the price is very low and location is right.

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Yes - once - yesterday! See my 1st post in Missouri/ St Loius yesterday. Got a great price for a 2 night stay using the new member coupon code and e-book coupon - this board helped me do it! I have been doing lots of research over the last few weeks. We are taking a road trip from Pitsburgh, through WV and Kentucky, to St Loius, and back to Pittsburgh via Cincinnati. So I have been researching cities all all along the route.

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At the 2.5* level you have 2 re-bid zones, i would bid as follows:

Select 2.5* Downtown...

Bid $30, if rejected add re-bid zone1...

Bid $35, if rejected close browser and re-access priceline however you did previously.

Select 2.5* Downtown and re-bid zone2....

Bid $40, if rejected add re-bid zone1...

Bid $45.

Any questions feel free to ask.

Good Luck and let us now how it goes.

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No luck at 2.5* rejected up to $45 using above strategy.

I did however did get the 2* Terrace at $35 - $10 cheaper than Hotwire. Not extremely happy due to negative reviews on the net, but I guess it is only one night. I'll post bidding history in a separate thread.

Thanks for your time and help! Much appreciated!

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(Opened all bids through savingsbarn.com site)

Started at 4* initially.

Bid - $45 rejected. Added zone1 and

Bid - $50 rejected. Added zone2 and

Bid - $50 rejected. Added zone3and

Bid - $65 rejected. Could have added more zones and increased bid but this was my budget limit. Closed Browser.

Choose 3* Downtown area.

Bid $38 rejected. Added zone 1 and

Bid - $40 rejected. Added zone2 and

Bid - $45 rejected. No more 3* re-bid zones. Could have done some multiple zone bidding, but I did not want to bid more for 3* anyway. Closed browser.

Per instructions in this thread: http://www.betterbidding.com/index.php?act...&f=129&t=15864&

Used this strategy for 2.5*:

Select 2.5* Downtown...

Bid $30, if rejected add re-bid zone1...

Bid $35, if rejected close browser and re-access priceline however you did previously.

Select 2.5* Downtown and re-bid zone2....

Bid $40, if rejected add re-bid zone1...

Bid $45.

Unsuccesful. Closed browser. Opened new browser and did one bid for 2* Downtown zone only at $35. Successful. Got The Terrace. :) Not overly happy about hotel, as this one has some spotty reviews on the internet. However it meets our location and price requirements. But I believe Hotwire has this one for $45, so I did save there. (Hotwire has it as a 2.5*) I'll do a review after vacation.

Your Offer Price: $35.00

Number of Rooms: 1

Number of Nights: 1

Subtotal: $35.00

Taxes & Service Fees:


Total Charges: $47.56

Thanks for all the asistance anyway! You all rock!

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PL rating is 2*. Sorry to be unclear ...

It was 2.5* in Hotwire by my initial deduction and another post here in HW forum. ...

BTW, thanks for all your help. You went above and beyond. I have booked my entire vacation from tips here; used savings barn for all purchases except one;and I used the Hotel Checker link on this board to do that one. The Expedia link provided had the best rates for our stay near Mammoth Cave Ky. Neither PL nor HW could match it.

We don't travel much right now, except for Summer vacation; so I may not use this board again for a while. But I will be sure and post reviews of the properties we booked here after our vacation. We'll be sure to buy our 2006 Entertainment Book from your site! And I'll be back next summer for sure if not sooner! :)

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