Priceline Hotel: 3.5* Orlando (SeaWorld - International Drive - Convention Center) Radisson Hotel Orlando - International Drive

By christine5797,

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This is not a 3.5-star hotel: the fitness center is NOT on site, and the rooms are dingy and outdated, according to reviews on Priceline's own website and TripAdvisor. Plus, they charge a $10 resort fee ON TOP OF THAT for slow wi-fi.

I'm initiating a chargeback on my credit card; this is not what I signed up for at all.

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Sorry to hear you're not happy with the results, but this may be a tough 'argument to win'... PRICELINE never guaranteed an on-site Fitness Center for this stay (or a Fitness Center at all) so the fact that the Fitness Center is off-site isn't really relevant in my opinion. As well, while star ratings are subjective, Expedia and Travelocity both rate this property 3.5* and Orbitz rates it 4*... are you able to find any (or a few examples) where this property is rated less than 3.5*?

Thank you for sharing your win with the board.

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Good luck trying to resolve this with PRICELINE and if you do end up at this property hope you're pleasantly surprised (i scanned the reviews and don't get as much of a negative vibe as your interpretation)

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I'm most concerned about the fitness center, as I'm training for an adventure race.

AAA rates the property as 3 diamonds (out of 5), and Google Reviews only gives it 2 stars. I'm also really concerned about reviews I've read that include ants and roaches, as well as a door being taped open - what? Add in the fact that another review mentions a car break-in, and I'm a little worried for my safety.

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Christine, most hotels are going to have a crappy fitness center for someone that likes to stay in great shape (I am also one) so anymore I dont even try to work out while on vacation.

I wrote one of the reviews on here and yes I def dont think this is a 3.5* hotel but it is on the list on here as a possibility. I normally only do 4* in Orlando due to the inflation of ratings but on the stay I got this hotel nothing could get one. I didnt mind the rest of the hotels at the 3.5 level so I tried it but unfortunately I won this Radisson also. The main problem I had were the beds were HORRIBLE. I wasnt really worried about walking in the parking lot more so about leaving my car there. However, unless you drive a very flashy car (still probably only a small chance of trouble) or lack common sense and leave valuables in plain sight (much bigger concern) I dont think you should have a problem. I agree the resort fees are garbage especially for someone like me who likes to stay in large hotels (this isnt large lol) but usually doesnt do anything besides sleep there but in Orlando most places have them so keep that in mind.

If your CC doesnt refund the money you can always check out the hotel or just say screw it and rebid on a 4* (should be able to get one for not much more in this area) and use it as a lesson.

Hope you can make something good out of it :)

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Thanks for the support, BMW! I just need a treadmill and free weights, and some space to do lunges with said weights. I know I'm not going to be able to run in Orlando - running's my thing, and the heat and humidity would probably cause me to pass out. The reports of dirty carpets also make me jumpy, because I wouldn't be able to do yoga/use my resistance band in my room as a last resort. YUCK.

The reviews mention the beds being horrible, which also makes me unhappy. I think I'll be ok in the car department (economy rental), and hopefully ok in the "walking from the parking lot" department. Fingers crossed; I'm tough, but I don't like to have to use it, you know what I'm saying? I've gone in circles with the Priceline reps and then just filed for a chargeback.

That said, hopefully I will get my money back. I have plenty of time, so I'm only going to bid on 4* hotels from now on in Orlando (or anywhere else, really).

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Pity you didn't try for a 4-star; many people have been getting the Rosen Shingle Creek for around $50/night. They have an on-site fitness center (http://www.spaatshinglecreek.com/FitnessCenter.aspx), although be forewarned parking is $16/night. It's something to consider if you're able to get a chargeback and try bidding again. They also have a walking/running trail along the golf course.

Anyway, best of luck to you - I hope it all works out for you in the end!

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