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  1. Bid $60 - The Woodlands 4* - REJECTED. Added 3.5*, went up to $65, REJECTED. Added 3*, went up to $67 - SUCCESS!!! Looks like a decent place to crash while visiting Houston with my dad and running The Woodlands Half Marathon that weekend. I used the PRICELINE link on Better Bidding as well.
  2. I'm headed to Manhattan for a conference. Bid for a 3* in the Empire State Building zone, $85. Rejected. 3*, added Midtown East, $95. Rejected. 3*, added Upper East Side, $100 - ACCEPTED! Retail is $263, so I'm super happy. And there's a fitness center! I used the PRICE.LINE Quick Quote box on the site.
  3. Decided to go with a lower star rating, as long as I could get Santa Monica, and clicked over from the PRICELINE link on the site. I did some sleuthing on the Express Deals and realized that the Best Western Plus was the only 3* that offered free parking, so I decided to snag it. With taxes & fees, it's $170 and change. I've stayed at this property before, and for my purposes (sleeping, perhaps working in the evening), it fits the bill perfectly. Parking is a bit tight in the garage, as in, the spaces are small, and the decor is a little outdated, but again, decent hotel for one night. Amenities: Free Internet Free Parking Restaurant Business Center Fitness Center
  4. Thanks! I'm probably going to just directly book a hotel or try to bid on a 4* on Priceline (which I'll post). I'm not crazy about the idea of staying at the Le Meridien Delfina because it's right across the street from my alma mater, but if I can snag it for less than $200 I'll do it.
  5. Ok. I'm staying one night, January 13, 2014. I really want to stay in Santa Monica proper, not Venice or MDR. Thanks!
  6. Help ID 3* Santa Monica-Venice-MDR Property 95% recommended Free Parking Free Breakfast Free Internet Pool(s) Self service laundry Internet access Accessibility Accessible for the blind Accessible for the deaf Accessible path of travel
  7. Help ID 3.5* Santa Monica-Venice-MDR Property Hotwire customer reviews 70% recommended Amenities: Free Internet Near Beach Fitness Center Restaurant(s) Business Center Internet access
  8. Started with 4* Back Bay/Copley Square - $190 - Rejected Added 3.5* - $192 - Rejected Added Boston Common/Theater District - $193 - Accepted Not the greatest hotel in the area, but I know it's very close to where I need to be, and they have a fitness center with treadmills. Considering that the Hynes will be overrun with lawyers (and I'm guessing the hotels in the area too, since there's an international bar association conference at the Hynes), this is a good deal. The Priceline regular price was over $300. And I used the PRICELINE link on the BetterBidding.com site.
  9. I'm going to go as low as a 3* for Copley/Back Bay. If that doesn't work, I'll consider other zones - I am just wary of the Theater District because parts of it are sketchy. Plus, Emerson College is right there, and there's usually a giant cloud of cigarette smoke hanging over the corner of Boylston & Tremont Streets.
  10. I would definitely consider a 3.5* in the Theater District or a 3* in the Copley/Back Bay area. I suppose Quincy Market would be ok, but ideally I'd be right on the Green Line or a short jaunt down Boylston. I'm pretty sure that the Priceline Express deal is the Doubletree in Chinatown, which I definitely don't want. I just discovered that there is an international bar association conference happening at the Hynes in the same time frame, so the area will be overrun with lawyers.
  11. I was looking for a hotel in the Copley Square/Back Bay area, not the Quincy-Financial zone or the Waterfront/Convention Center area.
  12. I'm angling for a 3* or higher in the Back Bay/Copley Square area for 10/9 through 10/11. Prices for these seem to be in the $300+ per night range. My budget is more in the $200 per night range, with an ideal spend of $150/night. Any tips for getting this to happen? Here's what I've done so far (in the hopes of a 3.5*, but that seems unlikely: Starting bid, Copley Square-Back Bay, 4*, $160 - REJECTED Added 3.5*, $165 - REJECTED Added Somerville-Medford, $170 - REJECTED Added Fenway-Brookline, $175 - REJECTED Added North Cambridge-Arlington, $180 - REJECTED GAVE UP FOR THE NIGHT.
  13. I'm flying in a day early due to my conference not being cancelled. I couldn't get my stay extended at the hotel I Pricelined before, so I Pricelined another 4* in the area. Success! Not looking forward to the fees, but I'll just be sleeping there.
  14. Very excited about this win. After winning my credit card dispute with Priceline regarding the Radisson's 3.5* rating, I scored The Westin Imagine for $55/night + $10/night bonus cash. Total charged to my card: $135.60.
  15. I feel a little better... but the carpet being dirty is a problem because I do yoga every morning first thing (as is a weird noise from the fridge, because I do bring my own food wherever I go courtesy of insane dietary restrictions). I guess if I have to I can put the bedspread on the floor (it's not like I'd want that on the bed anyway). Did you use the wifi at all? I've heard reports that it's slow... I can always bring my mifi unit with me. Glad that your stay worked out. Fingers crossed if I end up staying there... although hopefully I'll be posting about my 4* win prior to my trip.
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