Hotwire Hotel: Help Identifying Hotels in Danbury Area

By rwny,

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I searched Hotwire - using Better Bidding's handy links :-) and I came up with two 3-star hotels that I am having trouble identifying.

The date was 4/26/12 for one night and the first one is listed in the Danbury area on the map. There aren't many amenities listed to help: Complimentary Breakfast, Fitness Center, High-Speed Internet Access, Recommended in 75% of reviews. That one is for $75/night.

The second shows up in the Southbury section of the map and is for $85/night. Listed amenities are: Fitness Center, Pool(s),Restaurant(s), Business Center, High-Speed Internet Access, Golf Nearby, Tennis nearby. At first I thought this one might be the Danbury Conference Center - but looking at the map I'm not so sure it falls into that area. Also I know the Conf Center's pool is unavailable right now due to renovations so wouldn't they leave that out of the amenities list?

Anyone have any thoughts on which hotels these are? Quite honestly I am specifically looking to avoid the Maron Hotel, which I believe is a 2.5 star hotel in Hotwire but since those things are subject to constant change, I am wary.


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Unfortunately no properties have been reported to the board with either of these amenities sets, but i don't think you need to worry about either of these being the Maron.

The Maron is located in HOTWIRE's Danbury zone. The Danbury HOTWIRE property above shows a 4.0/5.0 Tripadvisor rating whereas the current rating for the Maron is 3.0/5.0. While the TA rating shown by HOTWIRE is not updated in real time, the 3.0 vs. 4.0 is far enough away from each other that i would feel confortable purchasing it, and should (in the very rare instance) you have a problem and this is the Maron, i think you'd have a very good case to call HOTWIRE for a refund since you based your purchase on the very high (4.0/5.0) tripadvisor reviews but the property has a lackluster 3.0 TA rating.

Please use the PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links on the board to begin your travel purchases.

Let us know what you decide to do for this stay or if we can be of further help.

Please use this HOTWIRE and these PRICELINE LINKS: HOTELS, CAR RENTALS, and AIRFARE to begin your travel purchases

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