Hotwire Hotel: 4.5* Maui - Ka'anapali Westin

By mauiwowie,

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I want to buy 10 nights at a hotel in Maui on Kaanapali beach. it shows 3 hotels that are resorts. When I search under vacation packages it also show 3 resort hotels with comparable star ratings...could they be the same hotels ? Please help !!

Also, if I booked one night, and it was the wrong hotel, then I could just book the hotel I want for the other 9 nights from a normal site, but if it was right, could I add the other 9 nights later ??

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Post your date(s), star rating, and the amenities you are seeing with each star rating and we'll try to help.

From another thread at the board:

try to match the star rating AND amenties shown, as the amenities are a better tip-off as to waht hotel it might be. You may be asking about a 4* hotel, and there are likely many in the area, but by including the amenities listed it will give more of a clue as to WHICH 4* property is being offered (there may be one that has a pool and one that has a fitness center, but only one that has BOTH a pool and a fitness center).

You did 'right' by tryng to check the Vacation Package, but we've tried to make it easy for you by posting the one's we've already discovered here: Hotwire Hotel List by City (be sure to read the second post in the thread, as well as the first)

If you post your dates we'll try to help confirm what you're seeing.

You could purchase one nite and then search again for your other 9 nites. The only problem is 1) what if there is a hotel with the same exact star rating and amenities as the one you received previously for one nite, so your 9 nite stay turns out to not be the one you suspected and, 2) the hotel you receive the first nite may not necessarily even be shown to you on your subsequent 9 nite search. You would not be able to simply call Hotwire (or the hotel) and say, "i'm there for one nite, please put me down for 9 more nites at the same rate", but you could make a new purchase via Hotwire and <hopefully> get the same hotel, with the odds increasing if the amenities are the same (the degree of certainty is variable, depending upon how 'unique' the amenities are to the area). For example, in a city like NYC many hotels show the amenities of Restaurant, Fitness, Business Center... i would not make a leap of faith to think that all examples of the same star rating that show these amenities are the same hotel. However, a pool is fairly uncommon in NYC so if the star rating and amenities matched, and one of those amenities was a pool, i would have a much higher degree of certainty that it was the same hotel.

Hope this makes sense, but if you have questions (and imagine you do), just ask.

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Just to bring my point 'full circle', if you see the Maui Prince Hotel Makena Resort in the second post in the Hotel List, it has the same amenities as the Westin (so you can see how the same rated hotel can have the same amenities), but of course, this hotel is probably in the Makena zone (i don't know the area at all... never been to Hawaii).

You have an advantage here since the hotel shown is a Customer Favorite. If you click on the link next to that designation that says Read Customer Feedback you can read comments from guests that have stayed at that hotel.

I would do a search for one nite, make sure i see the Customer Favorite designation and read those comments. Then do a search for the other remaining nites and make sure the Customer Favorite designation comes up again, and make sure the comments are the same that were present previously. If all is the same (rating, customer comments, amenities) then i think it would be safe to move forward, buying the one nite. If it's a hotel you want, you could then do a search for the remaining nites, and purchse those nites after making sure the Customer Comments are the same as the hotel you just purchased. I can't see how the comments could be the same for two different hotels so i would think that it's extremely likely that these are the hotels are one in the same, but of course, you're responsible for your own decision to purchase in this fashion.

There is a chance that after you purchase the first nite, the same hotel won't show up on the subsequent nites... but at that point you could book direct (if that's the hotel you planned on staying at anyway) or wait and continue to search in the hopes that the hotel comes up again in the next few days (Hotwire will only show one hotel at each star rating per zone in a search).

Did you follow all that? As always, ask any questions you may have.

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So, I booked a single night at the only 4.5 star hotel in Kaanapali, Maui that I thought was the Westin, and it turned out to be just what I thought. So, I booked another 9 nights, and it was the same. I got it for $180 a night over a $100 off what the advertised price is.

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I'm glad it worked out for you and we were able to help! I was fairly certain it would, especially given the info that could be gained with the Customer Favorite designation, but as we are buying without the names revealed, only you could have made the ultimate decision if you wanted to 'go for it'.

Looks like you now have an extra $1000 to spend!! :)

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