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Priceline Hotel: regret on my bidding, please help

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By tracyrosa,

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I think you just have to stay at the hotel or take the hit

As I understand it refunds if you cancel

did you read the fine print before bidding?

Sounds like you need to do a lot more research before you use NYOP again

Maybe someone will have a suggestion for you

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Welcome to Betterbidding. :)

Please provide the details of your win (date/s, zone, hotel, star rating, price per night before taxes/fees) and we would be happy to offer suggestions/comments.

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3+ stars / 2+ nites

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I've posted quite a bit about that hotel lately when people are seeking bidding assistance -- that is the hotel you're most likely to get if you bid in that zone since it's likely one of the cheaper ones. So bidding on Chelsea comes with a hint of danger (the 5* hotel they are known to use, the Wyndham, has similar location challenges)

i have stayed there and it was fine. Not my first choice of hotel, but I got a good price when I stayed there compared to what the going rates were in the other zones at the time, so I was perfectly happy with it considering the circumstances.

Yes, it is in zone 2, but it is a 10 minute walk to the tube and it has fairly frequent service. It also has a good bus that stops right out from to take you to I think it was Sloane Square tube, which isn't all that far away. One street over is The King's Road known for good shopping. So it's not perfect, it's always best to bid on Chelsea only after realizing that this is what you're likely to get.

If ther were a game on, that hotel would be in huge demand and you would probably not get it at that price!

Alas, there is no way to get out of the bidding, it is one of the challenges with PL. You pay the money before you know which hotel you get.

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Not sure what sort of help you're expecting. Accepted bids are non-refundable so nothing you can do. You say the hotel is an a very far away area but presumably it's within the zone area you were bidding for?

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