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  1. I hope so Not what I was hoping for but it is the chance you take with bidding
  2. Just got Royal Amsterdam hotel 4* for $190 for my July dates bid $185 for 5 * Royal Palace zone rejected rebid & added Canal zone east 4* accepted not a great savings but the price works out OK
  3. Bid $185 for Royal Palace zone 5* Then re bid $190 included Canal Zone 4* got Royal Amsterdam Hotel
  4. when we travelled with friends I booked 2 rooms on PL then they just paid me the $$ for their room Once at the hotel they just gave their CC for incidentals ...
  5. Just adding my 2 cents I am bidding for Amsterdam for July I am only doing 4 or 5* for 2 zones Royal palace & Canal plantage but prices they recommend are over $200 I just bid every few days ( I still have time) last bid rejected was $190 as I get closer to the date I need I will increase the bid I have booked a refundable hotel just incase Try not to stress about bidding ..worst case you could do the Express hotel option or just keep the one you have booked
  6. so I see this thread is over a year old but I do not see a bidding option I am guessing they discontinued it or I am missing the link ?? I just see express deals Anyone know if you can still bid on hotels ?? Thanks
  7. Good to know they are still offering the Marriott Will try for it for June 2014
  8. We stayed at the BP last June on a priceline win and it was fine ..just ask for a quiet room location ...lots of Cafes within a short walk
  9. When I bid for early June I saw someone got a 5* for $100 so I started there, got the BP for $102 I think $85 is too low but that is just my opinion Best of luck with your bidding
  10. Bid for Zone 2 & 5* most seem to be getting the BP for around $100 ..I got it for June for $102 Just keep trying Start again at $95 you never know when it will come up with the right price ;) I noticed that someone got the BP for Oct so I guess it is not too early to bid for Aug Have you checked to see if any major events are happening the same time you want a hotel?
  11. If you are bidding for Amsterdam they now have 5 zones City centre & Museum are separate now
  12. Bid for Zone 2 Started at $90 rejected $95 Rejected $100 rejected $102 score I am happy with that
  13. I think you just have to stay at the hotel or take the hit As I understand it refunds if you cancel did you read the fine print before bidding? Sounds like you need to do a lot more research before you use NYOP again Maybe someone will have a suggestion for you
  14. Maybe start at $80 and just go up a few $ each day ..most bids I have seen are lower than $120
  15. For Priceline you want to pick Zone #2 when you are bidding