Priceline Hotel: 5* London (Mayfair-Soho) InterContinental Park Lane

By valencia,

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Now this was fun and a great ending to a quick bidding session. My daughter has been looking at a nice weekend with another couple in London, and the Intercontinental on Hotwire for $190 has been a big temptation . So we tried bidding first . Seeing the good results that were recently posted, and the lower than normal official webpage price at Intercontinental:

we started Mayfair/soho at $155. Rejected but received $188 counteroffer.

Added Wembley$157.. same co

New bid:

Mayfair/The City... $159..same co

Mayfair/Kensington...$161...same co

Then May/Kens/The City...$163...ACCEPTED

Total incl. taxes and fees:

$1,192.00 our Priceline results versus $1,373 Hotwire.

We used your PRICELINE link here. Thank you. Looks like London in November can be very luxurious if you give it a try. We are VERY happy with the results.

Thank you.

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For newbies reading the bids I made, those added zones did NOT have any 5* hotels in them when I checked before making my bid. I always check, and check the free rebid zone before I add my correct zone so as not to make a mistake. Priceline can ADD a new* hotel to any zone at any time so do NOT rely on a list you made this morning or last week.

Read up on free rebids (Priceline Re-Bidding Explained) so you do not have to wait for 24 hours to continue bidding.

Once, suddenly, a higher star level appeared while setting up a new bid. Fortunately I had clicked and checked the "undesired" zone ( with no hotels as high as my desired zone) before adding my desired zone.

Good luck everyone. It looks like London prices are coming down a bit.

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