Hotwire Hotel: 4.5* Vancouver (Downtown West) Westin Bayshore

By m4rline,

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I'm trying to find a hotel near Vancouver YVR airport for 2 nights 6/12/05-6/14/05 2 rooms, I tried bidding on priceline for 4* up to $93 and it was rejected. Then I checked on hotwire and they offered 4* with the price of $93, right when I clicked to buy it, the price suddenly changed to $113, which was a very huge difference. :) I'm still new at this bidding thing and I was wondering if the price on hotwire will ever be lower again? Any suggestion on whether I should keep bidding or just get it from hotwire?


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I suspect that the $93/nite rate may have been a 'stale' qoute which was updated when you attempted to book. Nobody knows if the rate is likely to go back down from here... or up!

Assuming we're looking a the same hotel (which i believe to be the Marriott), it comes up on my search for $111/nite, so there is a chance you may be able to get it a bit cheaper than $113, albeit a bit more than $93. You can read a bit more about HOTWIRE PRICES and why they fluctuate.

Don't know if you knew about it or not, but if you're a new customer to Hotwire you can also use Coupon Code 'GIFTCARD06' for $10 off per nite (up to $50 in total). Technically the code has expired, but it has been continuing to work for everyone thus far. If you didn't know about the code at least it will 'lessen the blow' a little regarding the price change.

Let us know what you choose to do and how it goes.

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I think you are looking at two different properties, perhaps. When I search for 1 room, I see a 4* hotel with Shuttle, Restaurant, Fitness, Tennis, Business amenities for $94. When I increase to 2 rooms, the 4* price goes up to $111 and the amenities are expanded to also include Pool, Hi-Speed Internet, Kitchenette and Laundry (SS). So, whatever the lower-price hotel is, it seems to only have 1 room available.

I don't know what is most important to you, but I also see a 3.5* hotel for $77 night with Shuttle, Restaurant, Pool, Fitness and Business amenities, which I think might be the Delta Vancouver Airport. It seems to have 2 rooms available at that rate. Probably not quite as nice as the Marriott, but reviews on TripAdvisor seem pretty decent.

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I tried to find the 3.5* listing anywhere but I couldn't find it. Now I think I know why, it's because we have 5 adults and 2 children for 2 rooms 2 nights. So I think maybe Delta doesn't allow more than 2 adults in one room. Then I decided to add the downtown area and I found 4.5* for only $119 (better deal compared to $113 4* YVR hotel I think). I checked the hotel list from the forum and found out that it might be Westin Bayshore.

I decided to just go ahead and bought it before the price changes again, and indeed it was Westin Bayshore hotel.

Oh, and I used the coupon GIFTCARD06 and I got $40 off the total price which was $556.95. So now I'm happy with the result because I feel that it's really a good deal with the addition of the coupon. Thanks for all the opinions and advices. :)

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Please include the amenities that were shown before your purchase... it makes it easier to confirm that nothing has change for this listing relative to what is in our hotel lists. In the future if there is believed to be a change in amenities, it also makes it easier to find the most recent report of this hotel. You can still view the amenities by going to Hotwire and clicking on the MY ACCOUNT link near the top right of their home page.

Was this now also a Customer Favorite and it was in the Downtown West zone?

Glad you got a hotel that will work out well for you and your family. We're glad to have have helped.

Enjoy your stay.

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