Hotwire Hotel: 3.5* Baltimore (Towson) Sheraton Baltimore North

By ctpy22,

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Just did a search for a hotel in Towson, MD. Checked for 8/14-8/15 and then 8/15-8/16. On the 8/15-8/16 search I came across one hotel in Towson with 3*. Amenities included: fitness, pool, restaurant, laundry, and golf nearby. I checked the list of hotels and in Towson there's only a 3.5 star (Sheraton). On my 8/14-8/15 search I was offered a 3.5*, but only the 3* on 8/15-8/16. I looked at the Priceline list of hotels and saw that the Marriott was a 3*, but I don't know if a 3* on Priceline equates to a 3* on Hotwire. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.

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Do you need a hotel for both nites or just one (and if just one, you're flexible in regards to which nite you can stay??)

Are you looking for something in particular for this stay, as this 3* doesn't seem like a realistic option... it's priced at $85/nite, has a 3.0 TA rating, and only recommended by 75% of previously HOTWIRE guests... while on the same search there is a 3.5* in the same zone for less ($78/nite), better recommendation from previous guests (95% recommendation) and a higher TA rating (3.5).

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Thanks for the help. I don't need a room for both nights but only one or the other (and not sure which one for sure yet). I'd prefer the 3.5* available on 8/14-15 but if I have to stay 8/15-16 that same property wasn't showing up. As such, not knowing what that 3* is, if I stay 8/15-16 I'm hesitant to book through Hotwire not knowing what I'll get (and, thanks to what you pointed out, ending up with a property not as highly recommended). Thought I'd see if you folks had any clue what that 3* could be before making any decisions.

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