Priceline Hotel: 3* Wilmington (Wilmington - Brandywine) Doubletree

By LoneStar,

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Bid this one for some friends. Wilmington is somewhat of a funny zone because (as another poster noted below) there's a suburban component and a downtown component which offer very different travel experiences. There used to be 2 zones but they have been consolidated for a couple of years. My friends WANTED the Doubletree (which is the only suburban 3 star that's ever come up) but it's difficult to know which you'll get. Unless you're downtown on business, my guess is that most travellers would prefer the suburbs with the free parking, better dining and shopping options, easier access and safer streets.

Interestingly, a good way to check Wilmington availability is through hotwire. The Doubletree is 3.5 stars on hotwire and if you see a rate in the $60s there, you can usually get it on priceline in the $40s. I haven't yet figured out whether there's a way to tell if you'll get the Wyndham instead -- which is a downtown hotel. The doubletree is listed on hotwire with a restaurant, pool and fitness center icons. Sometimes the Sheraton Suites pops up on hotwire, and that one is obvious because it has an "S" designation (the Sheraton is probably the nicest of the priceline 3 stars, if you don't mind being downtown). I've never been successful in Wilmington on priceline if there has been no affordable inventory listed on hotwire.

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Thank you for the latest report on this property.

Not sure how long ago you bid this, but the hotel is currently sold-out for tonite (6/4). If you're friends are in town visiting hope you are having fun with them.

Thanks for the bidding tips/info above.

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Whoops! That's 6/2 to 6/4. 6/4 was a NASCAR racing day at Dover Downs. Fifty miles from Wilmington, but their stadium now seats 140,000. That's a significant percentage of the Delaware state population, so you can imagine the squeeze it puts on hotels.

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