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For the same dates on Priceline, I have made various searches for a trip to Miami Beach. Three hours ago, the median retail price was $396 per night. This is the average rate for the Eden Roc. Now, the median retail price is $443, the same as the hotel Victor's rate. Do you think this means I will get the Victor, and I would have gotten the Eden Roc? Thanks!

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This matches both the Crowne Plaza and the Westin Diplomat so either of these would be my best guess for this one.

Please use the PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links on the board to begin your travel purchases.

Let us know what you decide and how it goes or if we can be of further help.

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I've gone up to $233/night on price line for a 4 Star hotel in Miami Beach and they are still not accepting. What should I do? Thanks.

What date(s)? If you are running out of time, maybe you'd consider the 3 1/2* option? If you still have quite a while, it could be a good idea to book a cancelable back-up and then just keep trying until the very last.

Also, I'm assuming you mean just the Miami Beach zone of Miami? Or are you also including the three "south" ones?

Some bidders have mentioned finding less expensive rates with the North Beach zone.


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Its for my Deceber/January vacation - 16 nights in total. I have tried only the Miami Beach area. Should I just wait? Is it likely the prices will go down?

Are you trying to bid all 16 nights at once? Across Christmas and New Year's Eve? That could be the problem. The longer time spans are tricky, because a specific hotel has to have availability all of those nights. If you are willing to move, you might have better luck bidding shorter spans of time.

If you look at your dates in Expedia, using Miami Beach and selecting just the 4* hotels, you can see the individual date rates. There usually is a jump up for Christmas, and an even larger jump up for New Year's Eve. Some of the hotels have no availability for some of the dates.

There is good discussion in the FAQs on waiting vs bidding now, and about prices rising and falling. The quick answer - one never knows.


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I'm just a member, not a moderator. I can say though that there seems to be lots of "sticker shock" this year as opposed to last year. In lots of different cities. Prices just are quite a bit higher this year.

Everybody's priorities are different, but I can list your options:

Higher budget

Lower star level

Other zones

Splitting your bid

Waiting and hoping (but for this one I highly recommend making a cancelable back-up reservation)

Your priorities will determine the choice. Mine more likely would be some combination of other zones, splitting my bid and a lower star level. Tough choices though.

At the moment, Hotwire has no 4* Miami Beach availability when I put in your full range of dates. They do have a 3 1/2* condo at $252, a 3* hotel at $164, and a 3* condo at $134. There is 4* availability in some of the other Miami areas.

If you choose to consider splitting your bid, Hotwire has 4* Miami Beach availability 12/21-12/23 for $170, but nothing for 12/31. I didn't check other dates, just enough to give you the general idea. The Priceline availability will roughly follow the Hotwire patterns. Different zone boundaries and differences in star levels, but generally still good clues as to what you might expect from Priceline.


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If it would work for you, bidding Jan 2 - 8 might also be worth a shot. Maybe people don't want to give up their rooms on New Year's Day so they can recover, and/or watch all the TV specials. Jan 1 rates might also be high, and best carved off into your other pile? I'm just guessing here....


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