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Priceline Hotel: 4* Seattle (Downtown-Pike Place) Hyatt At Olive 8

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3+ stars / 2+ nites
By glutton,

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I started bidding a few days ago for the Downtown Pike Place zone and bid from $80 to $115 for 4* and $76 to $95 for 3.5* using free rebids, all denied. This morning, I started bidding at $95 for 4* and went up in $5 to $7 increments, and finally my bid for $129 was accepted by the Hyatt At Olive 8. Looks like a nice property. Last year, I got a room at the Westin for about $100, but that was in October, so it seems like $129 isn't so bad for a summer weekend rate.

The parking will probably be an arm and a leg, but I guess you can't really avoid that in the downtown area!

I attempted to start my bidding using your PRICELINE link, but I was using a different computer than usual, and I got an error screen when I clicked the link, so I don't know if it 'counted' or not.

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Congratulations on your success!

While a bit more than you paid in October, glad to see you're pleased with the results given this is a summer stay when demand is a bit higher vs. October.

Thank you for sharing your win and using the PRICELINE links on the board to begin your bidding. (if you have any trouble with our links in the future please let us know)

Enjoy your stay.

EXCLUSIVELY at BetterBidding:
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3+ stars / 2+ nites

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