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  1. After many failed attempts at bidding...started 4 weeks ago around $100/night - pricing has not gone down a bit. I finally was able to get something at $165/per night. Hotwire availability has not proven consistent. I utilized the PRICELINE link within the forums to bid. Given the current market rates for the month of August and the peace of mind of having something concrete and under my belt - I'll take this as a win. Also, parking is $28 per day for self service parking....$35 for valet.
  2. looks like a great rate....a few of us having been trying for the weekend with little luck at the normal winning rates..... Hyatt @ Olive 8 is a great property.
  3. I actually didn't book it, Matt. That deal has come up an down on Hotwire over the last 2 weeks. Their prices went from $135 to $156 over night and have been at $156 for the last 3 weeks.....I feel stupid for not jumping on something sooner however I've never in 15 years had an issue getting 4* in Pike Place area for $125 and under.....
  4. Thanks for the input.....I've found vacancy through HOTWIRE at $156 for a 4* however their inventory really seems to come and go. one minute it's there, the next - nothing.
  5. I'm also trying to bid for this same time.....Red Sox - Mariners. Never had this issue with Seattle before. I've bid up to $142 with no success.....
  6. I'd really like to avoid the seatac area.....not exactly the safest place. plus the shuttle, how late does it run - i couldn't find any info on it. we're really looking pike place area cause everything in walkable. once we arrive, park and walk the city every where.
  7. I was really hoping to keep everything at $140 and under. I haven't see this price any where. We're actually coming up from Portland, OR for the Red Sox baseball series as we always do however we've had issues with getting rooms around$125 for the Pike Place area for when they are. I'm kind of at a cross-roads - would it, at this juncture, be worth my time to wait till closer to the event date?
  8. I have done both, and will certainly utilize he resources provided here. I'm having a hard time figuring out why pricing for this Fri and Sat in Seattle are so much above the norm.
  9. this one weekend, there isn't a deal to be found for any 3.5 or 4 star hotel in the pike place area of Seattle..... has any one found a deal or know why everything is dry?
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