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By hot2trot,

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I "won" a stay at the Birmingham Holiday Inn hotel, through the "name your price" option. The winning bid was $50.00, with the fees it came to $66.01. This was for June 19, 2011. Unfortunately, they would not let me check in! I was traveling with a service dog and when I arrived I informed the front desk of this. They said without proof they were service dogs (my registration card was buried in my car) they would not allow me to stay!! If you are traveling with pets, I would not recommend using this option as you cannot control what hotel you get and can't screen for pet friendly. This hotel was adamant about NO pets!

I have never had this happen, and this was not the kind of place I could "Sneak" him in. (Cocker spaniel). It is a older hotel. Very tall, multi level property with the entrance being through a lobby (right past the front desk). There is a large parking lot surrounding the building. It is very close to the freeway, so easy to find. In the lobby area of the hotel there is a bar and restaurant, a VERY small business center (two computers w/printers), rest rooms, and meeting rooms. The "business" center I thought was a joke. They do not keep paper in the printer so you have to ask the front desk for paper - they will then give you MAYBE 5 sheets of paper. Couldn't figure that one out.

There is an elevator that goes to the rooms. Since I was not allowed to check in, I have no clue what they look like, but based on the appearance of the lobby, and restroom, it is probably as dated. While they do have onsite "security", I was approached in the parking lot by a young couple driving through the parking lot for money. Plain ole' begging. Wow, I thought that only happened in CA!! (lots of homeless) Never had this happen in a hotel parking lot!

This property consists of one, very tall building that was probably built in the 70's. If you are going to the airport, this may be a good choice. I had to look for another hotel, the property across the street was pretty awful, so got back on the freeway and went up the road where I found a very nice property that would allow the dogs. Much better spot and the price was $48.00. "Garden Suites" or something like that. Right near Logan's Roadhouse.

There are a LOT of hotels along the highway in Birmingham that are newer and probably priced about the same. The occupancy levels are pretty low right now so you might be able to "negotiate" a lower price at any one of them. Don't worry, you'll find something!!

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