PL is broken

By mbstone,

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At least for me, PL has all but stopped working. PL is rejecting tons of my bids in areas and in ranges that it should be accepting. Right now I am staying in the Oakland Airport zone where I don't want to be, but PL rejected all my SF bids up to $91 and down to 3*. The same thing is happening in SoCal. PL had put me in every Orange County property, one at a time, and now all my OC bids are rejected in ranges that other people are getting (up to 52 and down to 2.5* in Anaheim N, Anaheim S, and Buena Park). Something is really screwy. Did I do something to tick off PL, and if so how do I fix it.

Update: PL put me in Irvine in a ding-$15-for-parking property. 3* $51 should have gotten me any number of properties in South Anaheim or Buena Park that don't charge for &^% parking.

I want to stay in SF and Anaheim, not Oakland and Irvine. And I don't have all day to look at screen after screen of rejections.

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I was in SF the same days as you, 6/14-6/16, mbstone. Priceline wasn't broken, just expensive. Those were busy dates--there have been a lot of them in SF lately--and probably you weren't bidding high enough at $91.

I ended up paying $88 on Hotwire for a 3* in Civic Center South; high for that zone. iirc, the Hotwire 4* were all $200+.

PL rates are up from a year ago in a number of places and it does make PL feel a little "broken" when you're used to getting something for $50's and suddenly it's $80's.

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