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Hi. We're a party of four (2 parents and 2 teenage kids) and will need a hotel in the LAX area for July 16, 2005 overnight, catching a late morning flight out.

Bec Hotwire appears to accept bookings for 4 people (instead of Priceline where you're only guaranteed a room for 2 adults, and you're basically rolling the dice trying to get a 2-bedded room when you check in - Yes, I've read the advice/postings on this BB re: this issue ) - I thought it would be best to go with Hotwire.

On Hotwire, I checked the LAX area for July 16 and there's a 4* hotel with 4 amenities listed (airport shuttle, restaurant, fitness centre, business centre). And it's been listed anything from $71-73 these past few days. I looked at the list of Hotwire hotels you've got identified and there doesn't seem to be a match.

The Westin and the Sheraton Gateway (mentioned as 4*) all have more amenities than these four!

Your help would be MUCH MUCH appreciated!

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Welcome to BetterBidding!

This hotel has not yet been identified... i'm assuming that some amenities may be missing, as a pool is offered in all 4* hotels in this area that i could find.

It certainly seems like a great deal for a 4* hotel, but with so many similarly priced properties in the area i wouldn't be in a rush to book this and i'd see if either 1) it gets identified down the road, or 2) in the future it appears with a pool icon (meaning it could be the Westin and pool renovations are completed... although i just called them and was told that the pool is being renovated until September but that it is open <huh?>)

Don't know if this is an option for yo us well, but you may be able to get 2 rooms for just about the same price on Priceline. If you'd like to try that route let us know and we'll suggest a bidding strategy.

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Thanks so much for checking it out. I should mention that this hotel is also labelled "Best Value" - don't know if that helps to identify it...

I'm very much a newbie at this. I feel this overwhelming urge to book NOW, thinking if I keep delaying I might be faced with higher rates later. Am I panicking unreasonably? :)

I guess I'm of 2 minds: On one hand, if it is labelled 4*, I figure how bad could it be (is that tooo trusting??). On the other hand, you've pointed out I could probably get 2 rooms for just about the same $ via Priceline!

Can I take you up on your offer of a bidding strategy for Priceline please?

THANK YOU!! And pls give me the link to PRICELINE to use that you recommend the members here to use...

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At the 3* level on Priceline you have no re-bid zones, so you basically get one shot at it every 72 hours.

Given that you have time, I would first try for a 3* in LAX for $41, if that fails wait 72 hours and bid $42, if that fails wait another 72 hours and bid $43. (this assumes you're willing to go as high as $86 for two rooms... essentially about $10 more than the HOTWIRE offer gives the extra room)

With plenty of hotels in the LAX zone, good rates are almost always accessible.

Any questions feel free to ask.

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was the hotel you just bought for May also listed on Hotwire only with 4 amenities:

- airport shuttle

- restaurant

- fitness centre

- business centre

I just checked for May 13 - and there's a 4* LAX listed on Hotwire for $78. Is this what you just bought? IF it is, then the hotel I'm seeing for my July date (July 16) is probably the same one!

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