Priceline Hotel: Fenway new Region in Boston

By Lefty,

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Fenway new Region in Boston

Looking to bid in Boston for 5/19-5/21; hoping for 3* or better.

Noticed that there is now a new "Fenway" area listed on Priceline.

Any advice on what hotel/s this could be, and bidding strategy?

This may be a busy graduation weekend, so I do have a back up at a Hilton by the Airport.

But would like to stay close to Fenway, or downtown/Theatre district near a T stop.



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I am going that same weekend and I guess since your going to Fenway, you'll be there for the Cubs series?! I'm coming in from Chicago and have been looking on Priceline the last few days. I have Bid up to $109 for a 3 1/2* in the Copley Square - Theatre District with no luck. I've used the rebidding zones Fenway Park, Brighton - Brookline, North Cambridge - Arlington, South Boston, and Medford - Somerville. That is for 3 1/2* so you would have to re-adjust strategy for a 3*. Let me know if you have any luck.

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I'll also be looking for a hotel room this weekend, coming in from Chicago for the Cubs series. Staying 4 nights: 5/19-5/23

Haven't bid yet (trying to get our numbers finalized), but will keep an eye on this thread and update with whatever success/failure I have.

It looks like this is going to be tough though. High prices everywhere.

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This is in fact graduation weekend for many Boston area universities including some that the Copley zone would be closest to.

I had been bidding off and on for a couple of months, and finally snagged the Sheraton on HOTWIRE (at this link you can see my Hotwire win) for a four night stay. (The rates for four nights was substantially lower than weekend only rates.)

I believe some of the Copley area hotels are sold out, and I'd advise booking a back-up hotel like Lefty did.

Lefty, not sure if you're a frequent Boston traveller, but if not I thought I'd tell you that between the Hilton's shuttle and the T, this isn't a bad option.

I too am coming from Chicago, but in my case for my daughter's graduation. Nevertheless -- GO CUBS!

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Thanks for all the great feedback!

Yes, i've been outed as a Cubs fan! Just getting my Buchner Jersey out of moth balls for this trip (we'll see if I can make it out alive!).

Somehow I got 4 seats in L43 - the face value is pretty low, so hopefully it's not splinterville. But on Stubhub they are close to $150, so who knows.

I'm becoming a bit more optimistic in getting a PL deal - i've spoken to a few Hiltons, and they seem to have lots of capacity- i'm guessing that while it will be a busy weekend, it won't be a super premium weekend. The cheapest online rate i've found is via Club Quarters; I spoke to their rep too, and they said the hotel isn't even half full; so I'm hoping that deals will start popping up.

Any go Cubs, and good luck bidding!

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