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  1. Valencia, the LMT rate can be cancelled up to three days before arrival. Since I've had so many positive experiences at the Hyatt Harborside, I'll most likely keep that reservation. I'll send you contact info via email in case our schedules allow us to meet up for dinner or a drink.
  2. Bids this on 6/24. I can't remember specific bid history, but based on previous wins I did start lower and didn't win until $55. Used the Better Bidding PRICELINE link.
  3. Bid on 6/24 and won on first bid. May have gotten for a few $$ less but I needed a confirmed room so I'm pleased. Used the Better Bidding PRICELINE link.
  4. Valencia, I'm returning to this thread in part because I ironically ended up needing a Boston hotel on 8/3 too! Don't know if you'd still prefer a Logan hotel, but I just booked the Hyatt Harborside through Last Minute Travel for $140 ($164.70) total. LMT has both the Hyatt and Hilton for $140. I don't know if anything is going on in Boston, but this sure was an expensive date. I don't actually need to be at Logan and might still keep bidding, but I have a sentimental attachment to the Hyatt and will probably just keep the reservation. Should we both end up at the Hyatt, perhaps fellow Better
  5. mfritz, I'm all too familar with college moves and might be able to offer some advice on route planning and potential stops along the way. I'm in the Chicago area with daughters attending college in Boston and NH. For four years I've spent every May, June, August and September moving one or the other to or from school (and I'm really looking forward to the upcoming graduations)! Once you get to the NY thruway, you and I travel similar routes and I might have some tips on places to stay. My first question would be how far you want to travel the first day and how far you want left to travel to H
  6. I usually get this for $60-65, but had been unsucessful for a couple of weeks up to $65. Finally got a counter-offer of $85 yesterday, and tried $72 unsucessfully with my one free bid. Started at $75 today and got it. Used the board's PRICELINE link of course.
  7. Oh, how I hate to be the bearer of bad news..... Hotel prices are date specific, and along with the start of the tourist season your dates fall during Boston's busiest graduation weekend. I was fortunate to get the Shearton for $110 for these dates, but I did that back in January and it took several weeks before I was successful. I did a quick search for your dates on several travel sites and unfortunately found that most hotels are sold out, at least for some of your nights. I wish I had some advice to offer, but at this point I don't.
  8. That's the Hyatt Harborside I referred to in post #4. If you have any questions about the Hyatt post them and I'll be happy to respond. I've very happily spent numerous nights there.
  9. Just a little more friendly advice..... If you decide to bid for Revere I'd stick with 4* hotels. The Hyatt and Hilton are on the airport site, but some of the 3*s are quite a bit away. Also, based on my experiences the Logan Hyatt and Hilton don't seem to release rooms until closer to travel dates (i.e., a month/sometimes a week). I usually watch HOTWIRE to see if one shows up and then I bid on PRICELINE. Someone else will need to advise you about Cambridge. I've always avoided the zone because I was under the impression that some of the hotels were not close to the T. And I could be totally
  10. This is graduation weekend for several univiersities. I know -- I'm attending two! As you're probably seeing, hotels that have availability are charging astronomical prices. Regarding Logan, I often stay at the Hilton or Hyatt by choice while in Boston. Both have 24 hour shuttles that will take you to the T and from there it's about 10 minutes to downtown. Not the same as walking out the door and being downtown, but I've never found it particularly burdensome. Also, the Hyatt has the water taxi to get across the harbor. It's pricey ($10 one-way/$17 round trip), but it's fun and I usually splur
  11. Thank you. And her identical twin graduates in the Boston area three weeks earlier! For the last four years, I've spent every May, June, August and September moving one kid or the other to or from school. This forum has saved me thousands. But most important, it's allowed me to afford to take some pleasure trips to see my daughters which I wouldn't have been able to even consider otherwise. Thereuare, thank you from the bottom of my heart!
  12. $64.74 with taxes and fees Amenities: shuttle, restaurant, internet access, fitness center, business center, pool, laundry, golf nearby, tennis nearby. Note: amenities have been updated since the last time this hotel was reported. Because I didn't think to make reservations for graduation weekend a year in advance, I ended up 45 miles from Dartmouth. But I'm actually pleased not to pay premium prices with a 2-3 night minimum for the Hanover area. Hey, and it's a lovely drive across Route 4 in Vermont! I ended up needing an additional room and was able to use Hotwire's new feature to get a seco
  13. This is in fact graduation weekend for many Boston area universities including some that the Copley zone would be closest to. I had been bidding off and on for a couple of months, and finally snagged the Sheraton on HOTWIRE (at this link you can see my Hotwire win) for a four night stay. (The rates for four nights was substantially lower than weekend only rates.) I believe some of the Copley area hotels are sold out, and I'd advise booking a back-up hotel like Lefty did. Lefty, not sure if you're a frequent Boston traveller, but if not I thought I'd tell you that between the Hilton's shuttle
  14. Yes, you may have read it from me.....but I read it from others first! Unfortunately, none of my PRICELINE stays were over the summer so I can't help you with what a winning bid might be. But I do have a tip for a cancellable reservation. I had two stays at the Hyatt Harborside this past August -- on the front and back ends of a trip to London -- and needed to assure a room well in advance. I found a rate on GTA hotels that was less than the Hyatt rate. Hyatt not only matches but then will deduct 20% from any lower published rate. They honored the price guarantee for both stays. On the first s
  15. Valencia, I've stayed frequently at both the Logan Hilton and Hyatt on PRICELINE bids and thought I'd share my experiences. While it might be coincidental, I have never bid successfully less than thirty days before my stay. Also, I haven't found good HOTWIRE rates at Logan before you get within that timeframe. The $183 (I assume for the Hyatt) is about the lowest I usually find over the summer months, so I do think it's a matter of timing rather than occupancy. (Not trying to contradict thereuare -- I out of necessity just track Boston hotel rates more than he does!) For peace of mind, you mi
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