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gee monee
By gee monee,

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I have started utilizing your site for the Priceline hotel bidding and have been very happy with the results...in fact its addicting! I am going to be traveling back and forth to Chicago from Dallas several weekends per month to see my girlfriend and curious what to expect on Priceline air bidding. Since these are mostly weekend trips and I need to take advantage of as much of the weekend as possible are most of the flight times going to be less desirable? Any direction and pointers would be very helpful. Thanks!

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Glad you're finding the site useful. :)

Don't expect the same great deals (in terms of percentage discount) on airfare as you get on hotels, at least not on the current airfare market. Over the last few years airlines have cut the number of flights between most cities which has led to existing flights having fewer empty seats, leaving little 'excess inventory' for PRICELINE bidding deals.

However, the biggest obstacle you'll need to overcome is not knowing your flight times, which for short weekend trips can be problematic.

If you do want to try bidding, see this Priceline Airfare Re-bidding thread.

If/when you have specific dates in mind post back with the details and we'll try to assist further.

Please use the PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links on the board to begin your travel purchases.

Please use this HOTWIRE and these PRICELINE LINKS: HOTELS, CAR RENTALS, and AIRFARE to begin your travel purchases

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One site for checking airfare - matrix.itasoftware.com. You can't actually purchase on it, but it is really powerful and useful for research.

For actual purchase, as well as checking, there are links to a number of useful sites under the Support/Travel Links tab ... "The Big Three", some other general ones and a couple airline specific ones. Sometimes the airline web sites will have things not on the more general ones.

Before bidding, it is ALWAYS good to know just what you'd have to pay via a direct purchase. The CHI-DFW route has lots of competition and sales pop up regularly.


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Hey guys,

Question is how reliable do you find the BING price predictor? I am trying to get my girlfriend from Chicago to Dallas on the 18th of March and return to chicago on the 21st. Late last week prices of course skyrocketed but Bing on Thursday night predicted there was a 58 percent chance prices would go down and to "wait" but they of course went higher. Tonight (March 6th) BING is predicting there is a 75 % chance this roundtrip airfare from Chicago will go down and to "wait".

What are your thoughts given that fuel continues to rise? I paid $325 three weeks ago there at the $550 to $600 range now.



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