Priceline Hotel: 2* Harrisburg-York (Carlisle) Howard Johnson Inn

By Spartops,

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Why beware? Because I acually stopped at this property a few months ago and asked to look at a room. It was filthy and so run down I declined even at $39 for the night. This is not a 2* property by any rating system on this planet

So I was surprised to see this property show up on Priceline when I bid 2*. I immediatly contacted Customer Service with my concerns and experience but after 4 emails got nowhere. Although I asked repeatedly to be put in contact with whoever inspects and rates their hotels, my question was never answered.The last e-mail I recieved asked me to call their Customer Service # which I did. I spoke with a Service rep and then his Supervisor about my experiences and concerns and even had the Supervisor read this, Pricelines own customer reviews of this property, and they refused to let me cancel my reservation.


From my first e-mail and followups to my last conversation with the Supervisor I indicated I did not want a refund, just a decent 2 star hotel room. My questions regarding inspections and ratings were ignored and I was stonewalled regarding my direct experience and their own customer reviews of this property. Through this I have been businesslike and polite, so no it wasn't a tantrum or anger that got me the brushoff. It seems to be company policy to ignore valid rating and cleanliness concerns at the properties they sell.

A quick look shows I had 43 stays with Priceline in the last year alone, many 100's in the last 5. I was even invited last fall to be an advisor to them as "Loyal Customer" I declined as I could not guarentee I could attend their online roundtable discussions. In all this time I never registered 1 complaint...........................until now.

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Sorry to hear you're not happy with the results of this purchase or the response from customer service.

A quick look shows I had 43 stays with Priceline in the last year alone, many 100's in the last 5.
It would be appreciated if you resumed sharing your wins with the board so that the information can best help other users... not just the 'bad' wins :)

Thanks for this post and helping us add this property to the Priceline Hotel List.

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If you end up going to the hotel hope it's better than the room you saw on your previous visit.

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Point well taken. I will try to be better at posting my results in the future.

All of my bids have gone through the Priceline feature on this board for many years, so I'm not a complete deadbeat. :)

I do not plan on staying there. Pricelines own customer reviews from as little as a week ago suggest they have not made a miraculous turnaround since I saw it 2 months ago.

I'll look at my itinerary and see where else I can stay on that date. I'll probably book conventionally though.

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