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  1. This was a same day bid. Looked at prices online and deciced to try this area as it was substanitially less money than a few miles north. Bid on a 3.5* as it was offered in this area, and none shown on the hotel list on a whim and got the Doubletree. Hilton's website showed a retail price of $99.00. Got it on my first bid, so might be tempted to try lower if I was in the area again. So Priceline has upgraded this property from a 3* to a 3.5*. My experience checking in, walking around the grounds and having a drink and snack at the onsite Restaurant tells me they have it right. The front desk staff were professional and helpful, the grounds well maintained with a small lagoon that had a pair of nesting swans and a quartet of sleeping ducks we literally had to step over to get into the restaurant which was quite nice for a glass of wine and a bite to eat. Very happy with this win and will post a proper review later in the Review Section.
  2. Started at $70 and got a message saying if I add $17 to my bid I could buy my room right now. Bid again and got it at $78. Total with taxes and fees was $97.21 I've stayed here many times before and its a good hotel. Its a 5 minute walk to the Silver line and the airport where I fly out the next day. As always used the PRICELINE link here.
  3. I had forgotten I had reviewed this property previous. Anyway, it has since become a Wynhdham a few years ago and with that got a well needed freshen up. It has now recemtly in the last few months been rebranded as a Doubletree. Ohter than the cookies at check in they have not really done anything to the property as yet. The rooms are exactly the same as when I stayed here when it was a Wyndham down to the sheets on the beds. On the whole my stay was fine. The rooms are still as noisy as ever, but I stayed on a quiet Wen night so it was not an issue. It seems the place is in better shape all around from when it was a Sheraton in my opinion. Pros: Close to Rt 95 and the Maine Mall. Reasonable rates. Excellent, efficient, on time airport shuttle. The best I've encountered in 30 years of business travel. Friendly staff. Cons: None really, other than noisy corridors and the fact that although you are surrounded by about 500 restaurants they are all chain/franchise rubbish. Again the real food is a few miles away in Portland proper. I would happily stay here again.
  4. Accepted first bid. Have stayed at this property many times when it was a Sheraton, then a Wyndham. Have always been satisfied with the accomodation and service. I fly out on a 6 am flight to work so will not have time to write a review of the property as a Doubletree, but will take some notes and try to post up something later. As always, Bid through the Betterbidding PRICELINE link.
  5. Point well taken. I will try to be better at posting my results in the future. All of my bids have gone through the Priceline feature on this board for many years, so I'm not a complete deadbeat. :) I do not plan on staying there. Pricelines own customer reviews from as little as a week ago suggest they have not made a miraculous turnaround since I saw it 2 months ago. I'll look at my itinerary and see where else I can stay on that date. I'll probably book conventionally though.
  6. Why beware? Because I acually stopped at this property a few months ago and asked to look at a room. It was filthy and so run down I declined even at $39 for the night. This is not a 2* property by any rating system on this planet So I was surprised to see this property show up on Priceline when I bid 2*. I immediatly contacted Customer Service with my concerns and experience but after 4 emails got nowhere. Although I asked repeatedly to be put in contact with whoever inspects and rates their hotels, my question was never answered.The last e-mail I recieved asked me to call their Customer Service # which I did. I spoke with a Service rep and then his Supervisor about my experiences and concerns and even had the Supervisor read this, Pricelines own customer reviews of this property, and they refused to let me cancel my reservation. .http://travelb.priceline.com/hotel/hotelReviewsGuide.do?key=gjmzgy37&propID=58441&jsk=2003010a9803010a20110201154839137011371341&plf=PCLH From my first e-mail and followups to my last conversation with the Supervisor I indicated I did not want a refund, just a decent 2 star hotel room. My questions regarding inspections and ratings were ignored and I was stonewalled regarding my direct experience and their own customer reviews of this property. Through this I have been businesslike and polite, so no it wasn't a tantrum or anger that got me the brushoff. It seems to be company policy to ignore valid rating and cleanliness concerns at the properties they sell. A quick look shows I had 43 stays with Priceline in the last year alone, many 100's in the last 5. I was even invited last fall to be an advisor to them as "Loyal Customer" I declined as I could not guarentee I could attend their online roundtable discussions. In all this time I never registered 1 complaint...........................until now.
  7. Got this first bid twice as I changed my mind and decided to stay an extra day, Total per day came to $52.20 Bid 2 1/2* looking for amenities like free parking, Wi-Fi, Breakfast, etc. I'm on a Motorcycle so these properties work better for me than the higher starred ones I usually bid on. As always used the BB PRICELINE link.
  8. I have stayed at this hotel numerous times. It changed from a Doubletree to the Clarion this past year. They offer a shuttle to most anywhere in Portland. We stayed here most recently for my daughters birthday party. We were 6 teenage girls and 2 adults and they drove us downtown for dinner and picked us up afterwards. It is a very good hotel to boot.
  9. Last minute booking at $55, accepted first bid. Business property that seems to do a large weeekend wedding/event trade also. Just off Route 3 and easy to find. Lobby and reception area smallish but fine. Check in pleasant and quick on a slow Thursday as they were replacing mattresses on some floors and resealing the parking lot, not a problem for us. Friday the hotel was full. Had to ask the front desk to remind the people in the room across from us that this was a hotel, not their backyard. Tried to do so myself but think I was not loud enough to be heard. To their credit they were quiet enough for the rest of the evening. Room was a standard business hotel room but maybe a cut above the average Radisson. Comfortable, clean, with a coffee maker, iron, etc. Felt the front desk was attentive and responsive to my only request. There is a couple of small and nice restaurants within walking distance which we liked and a flash Italian restaurant (Bellas) for an upscale experience. Would stay here again without hesitation but might check the event schedule first.
  10. Sorry for the delay in posting this. Was staying with family for my Moms funeral and booked this to give everyone a break. Did not see any sucessful bids in this zone so gave $55 a try with the going rates in the area at $89 to $129 for 3*. Could possibly go cheaper as this was the property that was listed at $89. Will post a quick review shortly.
  11. We arrived on Monday afternoon and were greeted by a woman at reception who loudly proclaimed that yes indeed we had a priceline reservation. This does not bother me but I'm always surprised when hotel staff does this in front of guests who are paying higher or even rack rates. The rooms are in two circular towers that are six stories each. Our room was in the first tower on the 3rd floor 180 degrees away from the elevators and ice machines. I thought this was fine until I closed our door and could still hear the ice machine down the hall. It was the loudest I have encountered pretty much anywhere. The hotel is not new (Elvis stayed here during his only Maine appearence) and is starting to show its age. Although our stay was fine, This would not be my first or second choice of 3* hotels in Portland if I was paying a standard rate. The hotel is across from the Maine mall and its selection of franchise restaurants. If you want real food, do your self a favor and go into Portland.
  12. This property is located next to the Grappone Convention Center on the outskirts of Concord. The area is a mix of renovated industrial and new office buildings in its own cul-de-sac that is cut off from the city by highways. you will need a car to go anywhere. Reception on a Sunday afternoon was prompt, courteous and with no mention of Priceline. Our room was a non-smoking double on the second floor comfortably away from the elevator and ice machine. The room was clean and well kept and I would guess that this is a fairly new properety. The pool and hot tub were fine and well stocked with towels (we were the only guests there). After returning from a family wedding we stopped by the very comfortable seating area that serves as sort of a lobby/lounge and had a quiet drink. Its was nice. I would prefer this type of seating over a traditional bar anyday. All in all I would stay here again without hesitation again.
  13. First bid $50. Received counteroffer of $14 more. Added Manchester and bid $53, accepted. Total with fees and taxes $65.20. Have tried this for weeks with no luck. Assume inventory became available recently. All bids placed through SavingsBarn.
  14. Started at $50 in Airport zone, added South-Scarborough at $55, then Biddeford Saco at $60. Bid this way as I did not mind getting any of the 3* hotels in the Airport and South areas. Biddeford-Saco was a free re-bid. Used SavingsBarn for all bids.
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