LAX - LGA 6/30 - 7/8 $233 US Airways

By MaxStax,

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First post, thanks for the great info.

My red-eye departure leaves Los Angeles at 11:55 PM and then connects in Charlotte at 4:30 AM PDT before arriving into New York 7:10 AM PDT. The return flight from New York is a non-jet plane and leaves at 1:15 EDT connecting in Philadelphia and arriving in Los Angeles at 9:41 EDT. The trip should be an adventure.


Flight times reflect the airports' local time zones.

Flight Itinerary: Round Trip, Los Angeles, CA to New York City, NY

Airline: US Airways


US Airways Flight 622

Departing: Los Angeles Intl. (LAX) Mon, 06/30/03, 11:55PM

Arriving: Charlotte Douglas Intl. Airport (CLT) Tue, 07/01/03, 7:29AM


US Airways Flight 899

Departing: Charlotte Douglas Intl. Airport (CLT) Tue, 07/01/03, 8:20AM

Arriving: La Guardia Airport (LGA) Tue, 07/01/03, 10:10AM


US Airways Flight 3619

Departing: La Guardia Airport (LGA) Tue, 07/08/03, 1:15PM

Arriving: Philadelphia Intl. (PHL) Tue, 07/08/03, 2:27PM

Operated by Us Airways Express-Allegheny Airlines


US Airways Flight 19

Departing: Philadelphia Intl. (PHL) Tue, 07/08/03, 4:10PM

Arriving: Los Angeles Intl. (LAX) Tue, 07/08/03, 6:41PM

Price per ticket: $228.00

Booking fee per ticket: $5.00

Total: $233.00

Date Purchased: Jun 18, 2003/5:17PM PDT

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THANKS! for the post, and welcome to BetterBidding!

Have a safe trip. If you need any help with NYC stuff to do, let me know and i'll make some suggestions.

There's also a discount coupon available HERE to some 'nicer' NYC restaurants (the bill will still likely cost you $100+/couple). The current link expires 6/30/03, but in the past they've extended the promotion at the end of every month.

Thanks again, and let me know if i can be of further help.

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