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By thereuare,

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We're happy to announce the launch of our newest tool, the Las Vegas Hotel Checker (other tools: AirfareChecker, HotelChecker, CarRentalChecker)

This is really two tools built into one as you have the option of looking at the promo calendars for each property OR at rates for specific dates at each property.


1) Select the hotel(s) you want to see information for

2) Click the CHECK PROMOS button


1) Select the hotel(s) you want to see information for

2) Select your check-in/check-out dates

3) Click the CHECK DATES button

4) Each hotel site selected will now appear on the right hand side, you'll need to still press the 'search availability' button in each sub-window, but all of the check-in/check-out information will already be filled-in. As well, you don't need to wait for rates to be returned before pressing the next window's 'search availability'... you can quickly maneuver to press all the sub-windows search buttons and usually by the time you finish the first one is already completed.


-depending upon the size of your monitor, internet connection speed, how much you like/dislike scrolling, etc, you may want to experiment with how many properties you wish to select on each search

-the sub-screens on the right are adjustable, so you can 'drag' the lines that separate the screens in order to make one window you want to focus on larger

-if you really don't like scrolling between screens you can even just search one property at a time. Even selecting one hotel and searching, selecting a different property and searching, etc, has proved to be a big time saver as it doesn't require typing each website's URL into the address bar and all of the information at the sub-window is already filled in

This invovled some new coding/technology as we were never before had the capacity to enable users to select the source of the information they would receive (it was previously 'fixed' with specific online hotels/agencies). Assuming all goes well, which we suspect it will based upon our own use, we hope to incorporate this new technology to our other 'Checker Tools' so that users will be able to choose what information they wish to see.

Hope others find it as useful as we think they will. :)

Please use this HOTWIRE and these PRICELINE LINKS: HOTELS, CAR RENTALS, and AIRFARE to begin your travel purchases

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