Priceline Hotel: 4* San Diego (Coastal) Hyatt Regency La Jolla

By Polarbert,

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I'm looking for the said star hotel and area for dates 14/1/11-17/1/11. I've used the method given for bidding and up to around my 11th bid for the day, I obviously have time on my side so I'm tempted to start fresh again tomorrow evening.

I've had numerous bids starting around $55 and I'm now at $85. I am willing to go up to $100, but the average price from pretty much every other review in the forum seems to be around $70 for the type of hotel and area, so ideally I'd like it to be around that price. Am I doing something wrong? I know that its a few months away yet, does that make much of a difference? From what I've read it doesn't seem to be a massive factor. Or would it be an idea to wait until a few weeks beforehand?

Many thanks for any advice.

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Welcome to BetterBidding!

Hotel direct rates at the 4* level seem a little high at the moment, although lesser rated hotels seem more 'average'. I'd wait this one out a bit and hope for lower priced inventory at the 4* level to be released in the coming weeks. If you can find an acceptable back-up which is fully refundable i'd book that as well to protect yourself should prices go up from here instead of down.

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Keep us updated as to your progress and let us know if we can be of any help along the way.

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Thank you for the reply. I will definitely update the thread.

I was tempted to book the Westgate as a backup as the rates for that place seem reasonable at the moment. Or possibly the Hyatt Regency Mission Bay as that place on Orbitz has buy two nights get the third free which works out well. Downside is obviously going to be at least $450 for the three days.

It is just under three months away so will give it ago weekly I suppose.


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Thank you for that. I'll give it a go if I decide to get a backup. :)

Its just a guess but I assume me not getting a really good deal at the moment is down to the dates being far away, as there is a user posted recently that got a $60 bid accepted for the same area, but thats a few weeks away as opposed to three months. Don't know how the system works exactly but thats the only thing I could think it would be. I'll keep on trying. :)

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It could simply be the amount of time before your stay, but it could also be that demand (and therefore rates) for your dates are higher then usual (or the hotel that accepted $60 has a wedding or other event for your dates for which they're holding/anticipating a large block of rooms and therefore not looking to discount too deeply for these particular nites at this time)

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  • 1 month later...

Its just over a month away now until I go. I keep trying but I'm not getting anywhere. I tried changing the duration to just two nights as that is a more conventional staying time, but no luck.

Is it going to be pricier because its a national holiday?

Any more advice would be greatly appreciated.

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The holiday appears to be Martin Luther King Jr, which isn't one of the big major holidays in the United States, as compared to 4th of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day and Presidents Day. As noted in a previous entry, my wife and I just stayed in that same region, the weekend after thanksgiving for $85 per night for two nights and over Valentines day weekend, which was also a three day weekend for Presidents day in February for $75. We have been to San Diego, staying in 4* hotels in the Marina area in various times of the year, spring, winter, fall and summer, and not paying more than the $85 we paid 2 weeks ago. Not sure why they are not getting you better deals, maybe they just don't like the English....just kidding. I'd say keep trying. We usually start about 2 weeks prior to our visit to look for a room. Good luck

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Have you checked the convention center schedule to see if something large is during that time. I think there is a couple thousand people (2-ish) at the Manchester G.Hyatt which would soak up some of the capacity and if there were anything else going on during that time it would definitely decrease advance availability of discount stock.

Good luck.

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I've gone up as high as $79 recently. Prior to that when I tried in October and early November I went up to $95ish. Its not imperative that I stay in a hotel that weekend, I thought it would be something nice to do. I didn't want to go too much above that, as literally everyone who listed a report on here for the same area scored between $65-90 on a 4 star in downtown.

I will try in a few weeks time, which will be two weeks until that weekend.

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I just checked out this thread: Priceline San Diego specifically the last post in the thread, and the bloke said that he booked all his hotels 1-2 weeks before he intended to stay. I think maybe that is a determining factor.

I'll just have to wait and give it a go.

Just checked the internet, and this is on 13-15th Jan: http://www.bvents.com/event/251282-asr-access

No idea how big of an event it is, and it is on Thursday-Saturday so wouldn't have thought it was that big of an event. I don't know though.

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  • 4 weeks later...

I don't know whether to start a new thread now but I managed to cock this completely up. Well not completely but its still annoying.

I thought I'd try rebidding as it is getting near to the dates I require. I started doing this when I was half asleep at 5am. So anyway I started bidding at $59, and added areas which I thought didn't have 4 star hotels located in them as per the instructions. I was up to about $65, so I did a rebid at $67, but due to being half asleep, I added San Diego Coastal, as opposed to North County Coastal. The bid was accepted and initially I was excited, but then noticed that it said Hyatt Regency La Jolla.

So I've ended up with the Hyatt Regency La Jolla, on 14th January until 17th January for $67 a night. Seems to be around $30-40 cheaper than the actual price so not too bad.

Gutted that it isn't in downtown, but this hotel trip was about staying with my girlfriend in a nice hotel and spending some time together, so its not entirely a disaster.

I'm planning on another hotel trip hopefully in downtown the weekend before valentines day.

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Sorry to hear of your bidding mistake... but although this isn't in the area you intended, it appears that this still may work well for your overall needs; La Jolla has some nice restaurants and a quaint 'downtown' to walk.

Thank you for sharing your results with the board.

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Enjoy your stay.

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