Hotwire Hotel: 2* Charlotte (Airport CLT) Ramada Airport North

By girl,

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2* Charlotte - Charlotte/Douglas Intl Airport CLT area hotel

$35 per night, $127 total incl. fees & taxes for 3 nights

Ramada Charlotte North Airport

I-85 And Little Rock Road,

Charlotte, NC, 28208

(704) 394-4111

Airport Shuttle

Fitness Center


High-speed Internet Access

Booked on 2 October 2010

Staying 2-5 Oct 2010

I chose the 2* even though it's usually a bad experience because I need to conserve cash. I will come back and review the hotel after my stay-- let you know if it's worth it to save$$$....

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NO, it was not worth it. Here's the letter I wrote to Hotwire:

Dear Hotwire Express,

I checked into my hotel at midnight last night after a long day of travel. When I entered the lobby, the front desk clerk was arguing with a housekeeping employee about management asking him to lie to the police. After five minutes, I was finally greeted and my check in process began.

The clerk was courteous to me but he continued complaining to the housekeeping employee until she left. Just as he was making my room key, I asked if I had specified that I wanted a non-smoking room. The housekeeping employee had re-entered the lobby and he asked her if there were any clean rooms in the "new" building. I was then given room 214.

I had hope since I was assigned a room in the "new" building. The room was okay. The carpet was dirty and it was coming up near the bathroom. The bathroom was at least clean. I thought everything would be okay. I turned on the air conditioner and went to bed. After about 30 minutes, the air conditioner began to make a loud noise and rattle. I got up and turned off the air conditioner. It continued to make the noise but I thought maybe it would take a few minutes for it to shut down. It didn't stop. I got up and unplugged the air conditioner and the noise stopped. I went back to bed. After a bit it was too hot and stuffy in the room to sleep. I got up and plugged in the a/c, turned it back on. It got loud again. I unplugged it. I went through this cycle several times.

Finally at 5:30am I went to the lobby and told the clerk the a/c was broken. He was very courteous and assigned me a room in the old building. The shower tiles in this room are moldy and the television only gets a few of the channels listed on the tv card.

I was just outside because I still have not been able to sleep. I saw a woman wearing an employee badge, telling a man to pick up food off of the grass. They started arguing and he told her he wasn't the only one that eats at the hotel. It appeared that the man was an employee.

I approached the woman and asked her if all of the television channels are supposed to work in all of the rooms. She said, "HBO don't work, if that's what you're asking." I asked her what about CNN? She asked another man that happened to be walking by, an employee. He told her that CNN works in his room. The woman asked what room I am in. When I said room 144, she said to the man, "Oh that was debbie's room wasn't it?"

I then said, people live in this hotel?

The woman said, "well, employees do. We get to take a room sometimes."

Then she proceeded to explain to me that when this employee left she took the cable from the tv, so that's why all of the channels were not working.

THEN she said, "Oh, are you the person that paid $40 in exchange for taking a less than desirable room?"

I said, what, someone agreed to take a less than desirable room?

She said yes.

I said forget it and came back to my room.

Does Hotwire have an agreement with this hotel that the hotel will provide substandard rooms in exchange for lower rates?

I really need to know if this is the Hotwire policy and if Hotwire is aware of the conditions of this hotel.

By the way, when I went to the lobby at 5:30 am, I walked past all of the rooms to see if any other air conditioners were rattling the window the way mine was. No air other air conditioners were malfunctioning in that way, but I did see a crack pipe on the ground next to one of the guest room doors.

So, they have a gaggle of employees living here, people smoke crack here, and the woman in charge is ridiculous.

I really don't think a hotel like this should even be listed on Hotwire. Please let me know what you think.

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Thank you for sharing your purchase with the board and helping us add this property to the Hotwire Hotel List... sorry to hear you didn't enjoy your stay.

Based upon your story i don't think that you were intentionally assigned a bad room, afterall, it wasn't the room you were originally assigned to. As well, you didn't pay $40 so i don't think the person who accepted the sub-standard room was you... and why do you think it was a HOTWIRE customer? Perhaps a walk-in customer entered and was offered a rate of $80/nite (or whatever this hotel charges) and it was too much and the guest asked if they had anything cheaper and the desk clerk offered a room where the TV or other amenity didn't work (which they couldn't assign to a different guest and would otherwise sit vacant) for half price at $40/nite.

While the hotel obviously didn't meet your expectations, i'm sure there are others who simply require a bed and would find the hotel acceptable for $35.

I chose the 2* even though it's usually a bad experience because I need to conserve cash.
This time didn't prove to be any different... when making an opaque purchase it's usually advisable to stock with the higher rated hotels, as i'm sure you're aware.

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