Priceline Hotel: Bidding Advice - Hotel for Jazzfest - 04/22 - 4/24

By summitdog,

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Here is a recent PRICELINE WIN where the Hyatt Regency was won for $56 and includes the dates of your own stay.

Since their dates are longer, yet include your stay, i would try to beat that price but make sure your bidding strategy goes up to at least that amount.

If you'd like us to supply a bidding strategy for your let us know if you'd like to bid only the CBD zone or if you want to include other areas in your bidding.

Good Luck and let us know how it goes.

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During Fest, Friday and Saturday nights are the premium ones, so I'd believe that your shorter dates might cause a higher (not lower) average daily rate. Do aim for that $56 and even try to beat it if you want, but leave yourself a bid or two above $56 in case that fails.

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Please let me know where to start.

I understand the basics - let me know how many stars the Hyatt is and if there are additional zones I could add.

This is my first trip to NO and am assuming I would want to be in the FQ and or downtown? What is CBD?

Love the site - thanks a ton!

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CBD = Central Business District and that is the zone that the Priceline zone that the Hyatt is located in.

My guess is you'll be fine in that zone or the FQ (French Quarter :) ).

We prefer not to 'tell' people what they're re-bid zones are because they should be checked before each round of bidding to make sure they still qualify as re-bid zones. Hotels are added/removed/upgraded/downgraded all the time, so we wouldn't want to say Zones A, B, and C are your re-bid zones, have you bid later tonite or tomorrow, and then one of those zones no longer qualify... result could be you getting a hotel in an area you really didn't want, and then your loving feelings towards the board will quickly change. The good news however is that we will walk you through how to figure it out, answer questions you have, as well as confirm your re-bid zones for you.

Start by reading this thread PRICELINE RE-BIDDING EXPLAINED and we'll take it from there. If you have questions along the way feel free to ask, if you get started and are really confused, it explained near the end of the thread how to post back here and list all the New Orlean zones and the highest star rating available in each (how to do that is explained in the thread above).

The Hyatt has been reported as a 3* hotel, so see if you can figure out which zones only contain hotels rated less than 3 stars (hint: there are three such zones)

Let us know and then we'll suggest a strategy to follow.

Please use this HOTWIRE and these PRICELINE LINKS: HOTELS, CAR RENTALS, and AIRFARE to begin your travel purchases

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