TOP SECRET: 3* Biloxi (Biloxi-Gulfport) Isle Casino Hotel

By deejub,

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This one's got a few interesting points.

First, Top Secret's Biloxi-Gulfport area reaches all the way to Bay St. Louis in the west. It does specify casino when the hotel has one. And of course it's rather easy to poke the site around with the ratings given.

Then it lists the amenities as swimming pool, high-speed internet and non-smoking. This is a casino hotel. It's seriously not smoke-free (none of the MS ones are, in the casino or the hotel). What the listing of "non-smoking" for a hotel apparently means throughout Travelocity is that it offers non-smoking rooms, as does about every hotel in the country today. And using the opaque Top Secret side, there is no guarantee you will get a non-smoking room. (I know from the last TSH booking I made, though that hotel was glad to swap the room for a non-smoking one.) That said, it is indeed the property I sussed out before I made the booking.

Cost/fee details: $27.83/night averaged * 2 nights. Fee charged by Travelocity $5.81. Total charged $61.47. (The hotel will also charge a $5.60/night resort fee upon stay.)

Non-opaque, but prepaid at Travelocity would have been $62/night plus $12 Travelocity fees (total $136) plus resort fee.

Orbitz $210 total price (not including resort fee).

Hotwire, with a perfect 7-amenities match for Isle, is at $85/night plus $31 fees, total $201 (and again that would be plus the resort fee). (This could be Treasure Bay or the Grand Biloxi, though, as they could have all the same amenities and could be a 3* for Hotwire. I doubt the Hard Rock or Beau Rivage would be a 3* and it's definitely not the IP.)

Isle website $238 plus tax plus resort fee.

I'd say this is a seriously good deal.

Better Bidding Travelocity link used. smile.gif

P.S. It's also important to note that the listed amenities can vary markedly from search to search. The high-speed internet vanished, for example, when I searched on different dates and got what I am sure is the same property (with identical ratings for each area of services etc). I searched again and it came back but the pool vanished.

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