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Priceline Hotel: What Am I doing Wrong with Priceline?

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By sarah123,

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I have been on Priceline several times over the last week trying to bid for a hotel in San Francisco USE. I know that bids have been accepted for much lower rates than the bids I am now putting in and still having rejected. Is there a time of day that is more ideal for having bids accepted? Is there some extra step I don't know about?

My dates are: Arrive Aug. 29th. Depart Sept. 2nd.

Rejected bids so far: $120, $130, $150, $160, $170. (on the $170 rebid I added USW - Nob Hill and still no luck)

I've seen accepted bids in this same area for much lower than $170 so I'd rather bid lower on my next try.

Any Suggestions would be appreciated


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Welcome to BetterBidding!

Two questions:

1. What are standard (retail) rates for your travel dates? (check Expedia to get an overall feel for retail pricing).

2. What is Hotwire charging for 4* hotels on your travel dates?

The lower Priceline rates you're seeing other people getting aren't neccesarily on your same travel dates. Hotel pricing is date-specific and is determined by demand.

Report back to us your findings and we'll take it from there. :)

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Ditto. Also check lastminutetravel and Travelocity secret hotels.

You could also open yourself to bidding more zones. In times of high demand, you might not be able to stay precisely where you want within your budget.

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