Priceline Hotel: Bidding Assistance Requested 5/12 - 5/15

By rebelfan,

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Here's the info -


FQ (much preferred)



3* or above

Hotel Website Rates for my dates (check in 5/12, check out 5/15)

FQ 4* -

Marriott - 299

Wyndham Canal Place - 206

Omni Royal Orleans - N/A

FQ 3* -

Wyndham Bourbon Orleans - 171

Prince Conti - 129

Hotel St. Marie - 232

CC 4* -

Hilton NO Riverside - 229

Sheraton - 235

Renn Arts - 209 (rate changes to 119 for wknd)

CC 3*

Wyndham - N/A

Doubletree - 152

Omni Royal Orleans - 125

My limit is $85

My rebid zones are Garden District, NO East and NO West.

Note: I would also be happy with CBD, but only boutique or 4*, so I would need to do a whole new bid for that. Here's the prices for CBD -

CBD 4* -

Intercontinental - 159

Renn Pere Marquette - N/A

Le Pavillion - 196

JW Marriott - N/A

Fairmont - 199

CBD Boutique -

Hotel Monaco - 209

Wyndham Whitney - 143

I have already bid for 3* in the FQ up to $70 and struck out. I'm eligible to rebid tomorrow night.

Thanks in advance!!

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Before looking at this further, what are your thougths on this....

Lately for New Orleans many have been using EasyClickTravel as they often have the Astor Crowne Plaza for a great rate. I checked your dates and it's available for $99/nite the first two nites but as "on request" for the last nite (meaning they've already sold their allotment of rooms for the last nite and will have to contact the hotel to see if they can get availability the last nite).

If this seems like a good option to you, i would do the following:

-if you're willing to split your stay and stay someplace else for the last nite, book the above for the first two nites (so that it's secured) and then submit a second purchase for just the last nite of your stay; if they can fill the last nite you won't have to change hotels, if they can't fufill the second request then you can find alternative loding for the last nite

-if you're not willing to change hotels, submit an on request reservation for the 3 nites complete... you'll either get a response back as to 'yes' or 'no' for the complete stay.

REVIEWS of the Astor Crowne Plaza.

It's supposed to take 48 hours to hear back from them, but lately has been taking longer, so you may need to stay on top of them after 48 hours has come and gone.

As another note, the ALEXA is availalbe for $99/nite (reviews)

Let us know your thoughts. If the neither of the above are not feasible for you for some reason, let us know and we'll begin to look further at your priceline and other options.

PS- if you decide to go with the above and split your purchases (trying for the 'on request' reservation as a second purchase), please use the above link at the start of each purchase)

Please use this HOTWIRE and these PRICELINE LINKS: HOTELS, CAR RENTALS, and AIRFARE to begin your travel purchases

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I suggest the above because the hotels (both the Alexa and the Crowne Plaza) get very good reviews... if given the choice of a known hotel with great reviews for $99 vs. an opaque hotel with unknown reviews for <at least> $80 ($75 + $5 fee) the extra $20 is money well spent for the benefit of knowing what you will get and that it is good.

Some would continue to bid on priceline up until a net cost of $98 figuring they don't care which hotel they get and cost is all that really counts, while others would spend the price of two hurricanes to be assured good accomodations.

So it's personal preference as to which camp you fall in to. But i would recommend that you do something regarding your comment "I was going to use EasyClickTravel as a back-up"... as the idea of a cancellable back-up is to protect yourself, and if you haven't reserved something thru them then it's as good as not having a back-up. You already see how the Crowne Plaza above is not necessarily available. We're seen users try to use HOTWIRE as a back-up only to see their back-up plan disappear once they struck out with Priceline.

Let us know your thoughts.

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Well, here's the update. I was able to bid again last night because I added Con. Center. I bid first for 4* then a new bid for 3* and my high bid was $80 - struck out every time.

As for EasyClickTravel, I'm still a little leary of the site. There are a few negative experiences posted on this board, and something else made me uneasy. When you look at the search page for the Alexa it says the avg rate is $102, but when you hit "book it" the next page says the avg rate is $112.

However, I know I need to book a back-up asap, so that's the plan for today.

Is something going on in NO for my dates? I can't believe people were getting deals during Jazzfest and I can't get jack for a random wknd in May.

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With LOTS of hotel rooms booked, I'm aware of two complaints (so far) regarding EasyClickTravel (these don't include taking longer than expected to hear back from an 'on request' reservation)

One of them was the hotel's fault but admittedly (imo) ECT didn't step up to the plate and put enough pressure on the hotel to 'do the right thing' nor did they contact the customer after the incident and explain the situation (which they should have done).

The other complaint appears to have been EasyClickTravel's fault and i'm currently in contact with them to have them do what is appropriate/necessary, which they currenlty seem willing to do, but i won't know more about that until later this week.

The difference between the $102 and $112 that you are seeing is because the $112 includes the taxes/fees... they're showing you the total average cost per nite.

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