Peter Piper

VA Northern VA Courtyard Herndon-Reston

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Got this place on a $40 bid for 6/28/2010. It is a recently renovated Courtyard. The lobby is a whole new look, meant to foster interaction, but also allow for private areas to work/relax, etc. At the center of the lobby is a sort of a snack counter, dubbed the 'Bistro'. Bistro in french means, 'a small restaurant serving moderately priced simple meals in a modest setting', however I would call the Bistro more of a snack bar.

The positives: Good sized room, pool & jacuzzi -- unfortunately only open in the evening when they have lifeguard service, interior courtyard for lounging, nice new lobby, internet computers (though we didn't need them), free WiFi, small convenience shop in the hotel, free airport shuttle.

Reston Town Center, a sort of town and outdoor mall area is about a mile away. Could even be walking distance if you like to walk.

Negatives: Can't really think of any. Oh yes, the guy working at the bistro in the morning had a bit of an attitude and was obviously annoyed that we took too long to make up our minds (even though there wasn't anyone else waiting). If you're lucky hopefully he won't be there next time.

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