Priceline Hotel: 4* San Francisco (USW) Hilton

By tommencho,

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Hi, after reading many posts in this forum, I decided to give PL another try. I had used Priceline once before in 2000 for a Boston stay ($80 3*) and I even bought some shares in this stock at high and lost money. I since then cutdown my travelling around and also when we traveled, my wife usually sticked with the low profile chain hotels since she could find some reasonable deals with them. Now we are planning a trip to SF and I decided to give PL a try again. I spent a lot of time reading many posts and kind of learnt what to avoid like the 4* Hilton. Somehow I still felt for it and here is what I got:

USE $60

USE/Catheral Hill $65

USE/Cathedral Hill/Fisherman Wharf $70

Accepted at 70 and got Hilton.

I guess I have to ask for Tower 1 or 2 when I check in. It is very unfortunate that the fate of our stay in SF will be dependent on where we will be put and by the mood of the frontdesk person/s.

We are also travelling with a 13-year old girl and I just wonder how receptive it will be when I ask for a room with 2 Queen/Full beds. I need advise if I should call Hilton to reserve one ahead of time or just work on it when I check in.

Well at least I know what to expect and thanks all for sharing their experiences on this board. :)

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Welcome to BetterBidding!

Thank you for sharing your win with the rest of the board.

I would call the hotel now and nicely put in a request for a room with 2 beds. If the enter your request, great; if not, try again at check-in or also try calling back in 12 hours when you know that person is off their shift and won't be there to answer the phone again :)

I would wait until check-in to ask for tower assignment.

Can you please also add the actual dates of your stay... it can help others who might be looking at the same time as you, as well as come in handy for historical purposes.

Thanks, enjoy your stay.

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:) Thought I would add my 2 cents here on how to get a better room, 1-make sure you get a Hilton Honors card (apply online if you have time before you go) Let the check in person see that you have one, you wont get any miles, but it makes you seem like a Hilton regular. I dont know how many days you will be staying but I learned from Travelguy on this board about the $20.00 check in trick. Last month while in FL I asked for an upgrade to a suite/better room. I had a $20 on top on my check- in credit card. When the front desk person told me that the suite/room would be another $65 per night, I said nicely that I was hoping for a "complementary" upgrade and sort of looked at the $20. She whispered that she would she want she could do, and lo and behold upgraded me for all 3 nights. I thanked her for all her effort and quietly gave her the $20. Well spent $20 in my view. I never would have done this before and I have been traveling for many years. I told my friend who worked at the Ritz Cartlon front desk a long time ago about this and she laughed and said thats how they made all their money and were thrilled when people wanted to tip them. Have a great time in "the City"

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Hi, sorry I made a mistake in the address and it should read USW Hilton and not USE Hilton.

USW Hilton March 26-29. Accepted at $70 total 249.76 inclusive of taxes and service fees. And $269.76 if I decide to go with the $20 tip to the frontdesk per last suggestion.

Anyone has any idea about where's the best/inexpensive to stay in Monterey/Carmel? Not sure if Priceline/Hotwire is the right place to try in this area. Welcome any suggestion.


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