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  1. Hi, Started the bid for 3* in Tempe at $60 and failed. Raised bid to $65 and added Phoenix North and resort class, failed also. Raised offer to $69 and added Scottsdale and bingo. It's the 3* Renaissance Scottsdale Resort. What's like, anyone? I was hoping for Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort and I guess I made the mistake of adding Scottsdale. Anyway, it's still a 3* resort but it's out of my way coming back from Grand Canyon. I hope information is helpful. Cheers
  2. Just got back from SF and stayed in Hilton for 3 nights. No problem getting Tower 2 and was very pleased with the stay. Hotel is good, room was clean and roomy for 3 as I got 2 queens. Staff is friendly and even got umbrellas for the walk-around in the rain. The place is also quite central and convenient to many places in a short 5 mins walk. Garages right across the hotel were very reasonable - $22.50 inclusive of taxes for 24-hour in/out and the one next door was $12.50 was overnight. I even parked on the street sunday night (need to watch for the streetcleaning side). :)
  3. Hi, sorry I made a mistake in the address and it should read USW Hilton and not USE Hilton. USW Hilton March 26-29. Accepted at $70 total 249.76 inclusive of taxes and service fees. And $269.76 if I decide to go with the $20 tip to the frontdesk per last suggestion. Anyone has any idea about where's the best/inexpensive to stay in Monterey/Carmel? Not sure if Priceline/Hotwire is the right place to try in this area. Welcome any suggestion. regards
  4. Hi, after reading many posts in this forum, I decided to give PL another try. I had used Priceline once before in 2000 for a Boston stay ($80 3*) and I even bought some shares in this stock at high and lost money. I since then cutdown my travelling around and also when we traveled, my wife usually sticked with the low profile chain hotels since she could find some reasonable deals with them. Now we are planning a trip to SF and I decided to give PL a try again. I spent a lot of time reading many posts and kind of learnt what to avoid like the 4* Hilton. Somehow I still felt for it and here is what I got: USE $60 USE/Catheral Hill $65 USE/Cathedral Hill/Fisherman Wharf $70 Accepted at 70 and got Hilton. I guess I have to ask for Tower 1 or 2 when I check in. It is very unfortunate that the fate of our stay in SF will be dependent on where we will be put and by the mood of the frontdesk person/s. We are also travelling with a 13-year old girl and I just wonder how receptive it will be when I ask for a room with 2 Queen/Full beds. I need advise if I should call Hilton to reserve one ahead of time or just work on it when I check in. Well at least I know what to expect and thanks all for sharing their experiences on this board. :)
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