Bidding help - HNL convertible

By fishbone,

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Now a lot of us have got a great price for the Prince Kuhio in Wakiki South (see posts in the hotel forum), what about the rental car? I know convertible is a "must-have" for a Hawaii vacation, but I have tried up to $30 and still got rejected. How much should I bid?

The date is from 4/12 - 4/17, 5 days.

Thanks for the help!!!

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Since you have plenty of time, i would bid every 72 hours, upping your bids by $2-3 each time, until you get to $40 or $45, depending upon your own thoughts.

Savings on car rentals pale in comparison to the hotel product.

HOTWIRE wants $55/day and it you may have to get somewhat closer to that mark to have success.

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I recently won a standard at HNL for $24 .... and was upgraded to a convertible once there. They first tried to charge me $10 for an upgrade than tried $5 ... I declined ... and it turned out, they had no standards and upgraded me for free anyway.

I found that upgrade rates were very reasonable on all three islands I visited.

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I just booked a convertible jeep wrangler with Alamo on Oahu for 8 days at $231 including taxes :) They're fun to drive in Hawaii.

I've been searching weekly for almost 2 months and have noticed that Alamo website consistently offers the lowest prices. The problem with priceline car rentals is that they charge higher fees than most so a $25 daily price turns out to be A LOT more after the fees than booking directly with the car rentals website. You can get the jeep wrangler on your dates for $200 if you use walmart i.d. code 430710. The convertible Sebring is quite a bit more, but still lower than most.

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your welcome, glad to help. You can always check back as it gets a little closer to your dates too....my rental has went down a bit since I originally booked it, for some reason I couldn't just reprice the lower rate with the same reservation, it kept pricing higher so I just booked a new one and then cancelled the old one.

You'll have a great time touring the island in it!

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